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    XTER TEXTER Ios App Development, App development, LA NPDT



    Jesse Mungia found a need for a mobile app one morning when he didn’t want to text his wife while she was driving, but he didn’t want to forget to message her.

    Mr. Mungia wanted to make an app that simply didn’t present the opportunity for distraction, rather it held message notifications until someone was actively using their phone.

    That’s when the idea for XTER TEXTER was created and Mr. Mungia chose LA NPDT to develop his mobile app.

    XTER TEXTER Ios App Development, App development, LA NPDT


    XTER TEXTER Ios App Development, App development, LA NPDT

    Mr. Mungia presented us with the challenge to develop a messaging app that delayed messages until the recipient was actively using their phone by opening other apps.

    This indicates that a person is idle or not currently busy. By developing an algorithm that monitors the phone’s activity, XTER TEXTER can notify the user of a received message.

    This means that if someone is busy driving, attending class, or giving a presentation, they can trust XTER TEXTER to keep their messages for when they are available later. XTER TEXTER takes advantage of one’s tendency to check their phone immediately when they receive a text by simply delaying that notification.

    Not only did Mr. Mungia need the software development services, but our marketing services as well. He needed us to come up with a strategy to market or license his app, and to evaluate what were the best possible routes for a successful app


    LA NPDT’s software development team had no issues developing a messaging app for both iOS and Android but integrating the message delay in iOS was a challenge because of the access restrictions to monitor the opening of other apps.

    LA NPDT implemented extra features in XTER TEXTER to bolster the distraction prevention element; extra features such as scheduled Do Not Disturb mode and geofencing quiet zones.

    These additional features in XTER TEXTER benefits users so that messaging through the mobile app is a worry-free experience on any platform.

    LA NPT developed a landing page for XTER TEXTER that explains the main vision of the app as well as its features. This landing page was used for the app store descriptions for both iOS and Android versions.


    Mr. Mungia saw the need for a mobile app that allowed for safe, undistracted texting.

    He relied on LA NPDT to realize his vision and develop a mobile app that aligned with his idea. LA NPDT’s software development capabilities resulted in a fully functional app, along with the many other benefits of working with an all-inclusive product development team.

    Alongside LA NPDT, Mr. Mungia has been able to strategize the marketing of his app for release, which involves seeking corporate partners and sponsors.

    Our Software Development team turns ideas into iOS and Android Mobile Apps. Contact Us for discussing your project.

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