Zippy Sponge Scrubber

    Zippy Sponge Scrubber

    Zippie Sponge Scrubber, Aesthetic Prototype, Ergonomic Design, LA NPDT

    Zippy Sponge Scrubber


    Mary Allen, inventor, has been working in the cleaning services industry for over 20 years and recognized a need for a sponge scrubber that could be filled with any cleaning solution for large areas.

    This would eliminate the need for gloves and sprayable cleaners that left fumes in the air while cleaning.

    Zippie Sponge Scrubber, Aesthetic Prototype, Ergonomic Design, LA NPDT


    Zippie Sponge Scrubber, Aesthetic Prototype, Ergonomic Design, LA NPDT

    Ms. Allen presented us with the challenge to design and create a cleaning apparatus that allows for an interchangeable scrubbing pad and a hollow interior to fill with any cleaning fluid.

    The scrubber should be able to stand upright to prevent fluid leaking out of the sponge, thereby not wasting cleaning fluid. Her second request was for the scrubber to be aesthetically pleasing, which meant that we had to combine our engineering and industrial design expertise.

    She needed a company that could create the design and build a prototype so that she can move on into manufacturing. Therefore, we also had to consider the manufacturability of the design and source a manufacturer.

    Our main design challenge was engineering the attachment method for the sponge attachment to fit onto the scrubber. By designing the tolerances for the attachment fitment, our engineers were able to create a form-fit prototype where replacing the sponge attachment was easy and simple for users.


    After establishing the design requirements from Ms. Allen, our team of engineers set off an created an original concept from scratch. Our industrial designers created an initial concept based on factors such as hand size, comfort, and standard sponge sizes.

    We implemented a slot with flexible tabs that pushed the handle into a snap-in indention, which made changing out the sponge attachment quick and simple. We placed the holes towards the front of the scrubber so when the scrubber is standing up straight, the liquid does not leak out the holes.

    We connected Ms. Allen to our local manufacturing partner, Raytech Industries, Inc., the leading plastic injection molding company in the Shreveport-Bossier City area. Through our connection, Ms. Allen has secured a crucial partnership with a capable manufacturing company.


    LA NPDT delivered both a functional and aesthetic prototype, integrating effective engineering solutions and an ergonomic design.

    Ms. Allen was looking for a solution that eliminated airborne fumes while increasing the usability by using a larger sponge.

    LA NPDT was successful not only in realizing her idea in a prototype, but also in connecting her to our manufacturing partner for a seamless transition into the next big step before launching her product.



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