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Web and Mobile Apps

CPA2GO: Web and Mobile Apps

We’ve built 4 apps in one project that work seamlessly and perform the task they were designed for. CPA2GO is a service that you can access from your desktop, tablet, and Android/iOS smartphones.

iOS App Development

Video Invite: iOS App Development

We built an iOS application packed with features, nicely presented in a user-friendly branded interface. what's really innovative about it is that invitees can RSVP and even send a video reply through the app.

Mobile App Development

XTER TEXTER: Mobile App Development

LA NPDT’s software development team had no issues developing a messaging app for both iOS and Android. While strategizing the marketing of the app as well.

Master Flo Games for OTC 2019

Master Flo Games for OTC 2019

Because of the engaging and informative games LA NPDT developed, Master Flo had another unique and memorable attraction to their booth at OTC 2019, where they could share their knowledge with other conference participants.

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