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Mobile App Development

XTER TEXTER: Mobile App Development

LA NPDT’s software development team had no issues developing a messaging app for both iOS and Android. While strategizing the marketing of the app as well.

Pet Product Website - Pawcet

Pet Product Website – Pawcet

We developed a pet product website for the "Original" Doggie Fountain and the new Pawcet! Together Tony and Quirky will make thirsty dogs history!

Website Migration Montgomery Roth

Website Migration Montgomery Roth

Montgomery Roth team approached LA NPDT for website migration and development. Their website was based on Umbrello and needed to be re-built on WordPress. It was critical for them to keep the user interface, the content, and the SEO intact.

3D Animation and Website Design

3D Animation and Website Design – Spartan QA

Our team provided 3D animation service to Spartan Quality Assurance, a Lafayette based supplier of NDT and QA/QC services for Oil and Gas industry. We created an explainer video animation that was later integrated into a professional website developed by LA NPDT.

Product Launch

Product Launch – SaferUnion™ – Hammer Union Alternative

The SaferUnion™ is a hammerless union alternative to the conventional hammer unions that provides greater safety in dangerous working environments. LA NPDT has created visuals, brochures, website and commercial for R&H Machines, a manufacturer of the SaferUnion.

Product Design

Design, DFM, Marketing – JJ’s Boot Jack

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) - JJ's Boot Jack, the best BOOT PULLER available today! Designed specifically to suit any personality in the family. LA NPDT helped the company with optimizing their design for manufacturing.

Law Firm Website

Law Firm Website – Flaw & Order Legal Counseling

Flaw & Order law firm website is dedicated to helping people seek legal counsel involving biomedical devices, FDA approved drugs and sexual harassment. LA NPDT built a modern and visually appealing website that would effectively portray our customer's legal expertise.

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