Product design companies can help set you apart with a design that is a step ahead of your competition.

Every day products are designed and redesigned. Every product in your home and office has been created as the result of industrial design services, and product design companies are now at the center of that process.

Product design companies use research and observation to understand a product’s ideal industrial design. They are able to grasp insights that can enhance industrial design services to result in a problem-solving solution that benefits the product manufacturer, the inventor, and the user of the product.

Jacob Penn ABOVE AND BEYOND! The team sets you up for success and will work creatively to assist you in your mission. A true pleasure to work with a company so good. I will be using them again in the future. Catalina Park Amazing experience, by far the most professional, punctual, and talented designers I've come across. The words are not enough to describe the quality of the experience I've had with LA NPDT. Thank you so much! Alexander Arguello I really enjoyed working with LA NPDT. They are very responsible, professional, and provide high-end results. I liked the 2D and 3D CAD models, the renderings, and the 3D printing. I highly recommend the Team's work and services. Dustin Bowen I really appreciate what LANPDT is doing for entrepreneurs in NWLA. I recently had a 3D print job that required their services and the results came out better than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to expand on an idea or help develop a product. Dustin Bower, 3D Printing, Testimonial, LA NPDT Sean McGuire This team really does an amazing job of taking your idea and making it into a reality. They took my amateur sketches, listened to me explain my concept and within 3 weeks had completed 3D CAD files, drawings as well as renderings for me to review and then tweak the design with my feedback. Sean Mcguire, Testimonials Wyane Nix A team that can #GSD. The group of expert and rising talent will surely be on our team for a long time to come. Wyane Nix, Multinix, Testimonials Paula Thomas I'm a product developer and the most important part about my product is making sure I place it in the right hands and with LA NPDT that's exactly happened. Paula Thomas, inventor, product development, Testimonial for LA NPDT Barry Stevens, PhD The organization, team and its management team were cohesive, well organized and highly professional. Barry Stevens, TBD America Shane Rotharmel They were extremely helpfull in all manners. When developing a product they can direct you to wherever you need to go to make it successful. Shane Rotharmel, ICBX, Testimonial Brandon Townsdin Very pleased with the outcome of my work. Took the time to work with me with revisions to ensure that the deliverable was exactly what I wanted. Will recommend to others. Brandon Townsdin Testimonial for LA NPDT Chad Brettillo They can help you get your business up and going definitely take a minute to check them out. Chad Brettillo, Testimonials Martin Amos Great communication and all my projects have been done in a timely manner. All their information has been correct when I was approaching companies for licensing. They help with a variety of services to bring products to market. LA NPDT does it all. Leading Concepts, LLC The team provided an analysis of our product that was exactly what we were looking for. Excellent work. Gave very helpful advice. Arnel Bolden I had a wonderful experience working with them. Konstantin and Victor, the whole crew go above and beyond to satisfy the customer's needs and I must say that I have been extremely satisfied and truly impressed...I am looking forward to bringing my next prototype to you guys. Quentin Messer LA New Product Development Team is an impressive group that embodies the best of the Louisiana Spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship. Nanci Smith I am happy with the prototype. It was usable and testable and it works. I am a very satisfied customer. Nanci Smith, LA New Product Development Team Betty Petersen We have been trying to get the web page to a point that we can register members online and also sign up for leagues as well as pay online. You [Konstantin Dolgan] and your team [LA NPDT] have accomplished this and more in a little over a month! We are extremely pleased with your efforts. Rudolf Juznic An outstanding service of the brilliant designers knowing exactly how to turn a rough sketch into a professional 2D drawing of a product that will work in practice.


Companies have many reasons to care about industrial design, even when their old product design works “just fine.” Profitability, of course, is one, but what else?

Industrial design services can position you in the marketplace for future growth in a new industry. Your product should meet the needs of a future market, or of an existing customer.


At LA NPDT, our goal as an industrial design company is to integrate technology and functionality. As one of the leading product design companies, we use several methods to complete our industrial design services. We collaborate with you to form a cohesive team, one that can look at your product idea, dissect it into its parts, and create each part of the product, weaving it back together to completion.



Unlike other industrial design companies, we can handle your project from start to finish. We take your idea and turn it into a concept, and then a full-fledged prototype – one that can be replicated and mass-produced with ease.

Our industrial design team not only works with our engineers and prototyping experts, but also with you. Becoming one team is crucial to your product’s design. As a team we will go through brainstorming and analysis sessions, exposing threats and opportunities for your new product. We will then flesh out the product design specifications and requirements.

At this point, our industrial design company gets our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) team involved. Once the industrial designers have completed the design, we create a “virtual prototype”, a 3D CAD model. While creating the computer model, we consider how your product will appeal to your audience. Once we understand the design we can begin building your prototype. Our CAD drafting and rapid prototyping services are key components to the success of your product’s industrial design.



Our experience with CAD drafting, industrial design services, and prototype design get passed on to you through our approach to design for ease of manufacture. As a full-service product design company, we walk your idea through each step of industrial design services, from beginning to end.

LA NPDT’s industrial design company takes an analytical approach to each project’s design. We review the design and listen to your feedback, helping you finalize your idea so the product functions exactly as you expect it to function. There should be no surprises in product design services. We then step back and take a humanized approach to your industrial design. How does it fit with the consumer? Is your target customer going to appreciate and understand this design? Is there another way a person can use the product? This approach helps us develop insight-driven industrial design services that result in products your end-user will snap off the shelf.

Set Your Business Apart

Through our comprehensive list of industrial design services, you can set your company and product apart. The strategy and design process we apply works in any niche, with any product. That is why LA NPDT follows the project through to the end. Our step-by-step approach can help you reach your goal for your product. With the right design, your product has unlimited potential. Our goal is to see it through all the way to production. Let’s get started on your project today!

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