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LA NPDT and its Customer Received a Product Design Award and a Gold Medal

Here at LA NPDT, we are proud of the success of our team and client. Teresa Harris is the client and a Vice President at Stillwater Dispensers who was awarded with a Gold Medal at IPITEx 2018 which was held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was only possible because of the Design of MULTI-DISPENSER FRIDGE. This product brought a Gold medal to the LA NPDT product design team. This design also proved to be amazing as far as ratings were concerned

To learn more about the Multi-dispenser Fridge. Feel free to visit https://www.stillwaterdispensers.com/

For a large family home, a Multi-Dispenser Fridge can be one of the best purchases. With its elegant design, It can perfectly fit any home regardless of the size. The new product provides several dispensers. With its help, you can access water in several rooms. So, no more late night walks to the kitchen. The design can also be effective in business and public environments, such as hotels, malls, or offices.

Stillwater Dispensers approached LA NPDT for designing and marketing their product. LA NPDT’s design team worked closely with Teresa Harris on developing this now award-winning household appliance.

LA NPDT designed this website www.stillwaterdispensers.com and created a 3D animation to demonstrate the product to the potential buyers. The website guides potential customers through the possible use scenarios and the benefits of the product.

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Product Design Award and a Gold Medal
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