Our new product development company can turn your idea into a tangible product. We at LA NPDT ensure that this product actually benefits your bottom line. Our new product development services convert your ideas into products that transform consumers lives.

Our new product development services include concept design, prototyping, testing, commercialization, product design and development. Countless entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and industrial companies credit our innovative approach to their invention’s success! From start to finish we are built to launch amazing products!

Product development and marketing all under one roof. The only company of our kind, we are a leader in product development and marketing.

We combine new product development services that take you from a simple hand sketch to production with in-house marketing services from experts who understand the complexities of both.

We bring innovative products to market by providing entrepreneurs and companies with a one-stop solution for all their go-to-market needs.

Countless entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and industrial

companies credit our innovative approach to their invention’s success!

Make your product idea a reality with the help of our expert designers and engineers. Whether you have an abstract idea, a basic sketch or even a functioning prototype, our product design and development team will work closely with you to perfect your concept and build a product that consumers will love.

From researching similar products and creating a marketing strategy to industrial design, prototyping, and engineering, even to working with you to find the right sourcing and fulfillment partners, we are committed to building the product your business needs to get the next level.

Why choose LANPDT? We will handle every step of the product design and development process in-house,

making LA New Product Development Team a one-stop shop.



Product Design and Development

Our Scrum-based process is based on the cross-functional collaboration of our highly educated and trained multi-disciplinary team. We split projects into “bite-size” pieces, prioritize and tackle them one by one.

Getting feedback from our customers during the process allows us to deliver the best possible result, regularly exceeding their expectations. By continuously optimizing our internal communication and project management skills we achieve exceptional productivity and efficiency. Scrum has been proven to be successful for many product design and development processes.

Including a variety of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices. Providing turnkey product development while increasing the value of your invention or business idea, is the ultimate goal of our work. Making the process as easy as possible for our clients is one of our priorities.

From product strategy and research, to design, engineering and prototyping, to sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing, we handle all aspects of product design and development in-house. Having an entire product design and development team within one organization is our key to success and what sets us apart.

Our new product development company thrives on collaboration; we will work together—and with you—through every step of the product design and development process, culminating in a beautifully designed product that resonates with customers.


By aligning our process with the complexities of your market, we sync accordingly with your goals and reduce the time from conception to product transition. Not only does this drastically reduce the time you spend in invention development, but it also enables you to see an impressive ROI in the long-term. Everything we do focuses on your goals and the market you serve, which allows us to offer faster, better-defined new product development services.

Bring us your invention idea for a product…we’ll see it through to completion!


Advanced Testing

Our new product development company utilizes an extensive vetting process that involves advanced testing procedures to ensure your invention is truly ready for the marketplace.

Thorough testing is crucial to the marketing and mass production of your new invention.

Consequently, unlike other new product development companies, we feel we have not completed our job unless your product can withstand extensive evaluation.



The Only New Product Development

Company of Our Kind

Our full-service capabilities allow us to handle every step of the new product development process completely in house, from branding and design to manufacturing and marketing. When you choose us for your product design and development, we will make the process as easy as possible to allow you to concentrate on the most important tasks. Our team’s ability to align with your vision and our uncomplicated process is put into action to provide you with a piece of mind and results that meet or exceed your expectations.

Turn your dreams into reality!

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