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Product Development Design Concepts – 6 Ideas

A good design always begin with a good design concept. If you’re trying to solve a problem, then only your concept will  give you the right direction for your decisions. So how do you form a concept? What questions do you need to ask yourself in order to develop one? How can you make your concept the road map for your design? Continue reading and find out six easy ideas for product development design concepts. Because it is very important for conceptual design process for new product.

Industrial Design

If you are wondering where to start then here is the first step. Industrial design is the first step for product development design concepts. It includes the designs for tools, goods, transportation and other things that you come across daily. You must make sure that you use industrial designs that are efficient, cost effective and reliable. You must avoid using complex, and difficult designs at all cost. Because industrial design is the starting point for any new product. May it be as simple as a salt shaker or as complex as a spaceship. If your industrial design is flawed, then anything you build on it will be useless.

Graphic Design

It’s turn for the next step now.  Graphic design is the projection in 2D which is produced for commercial uses. The most common type of graphic designs are books & CD covers, billboards, newspapers, magazines and other fine prints. Graphic design can be in many forms. Some of the most used are screening, lithography, public service signs, and typography. Graphic designing is vital because it creates the outlook of your new product.

Just as industrial design incorporates convenience, graphic design combines  legibility with amazing and engaging visual presentation.

Interior design

Interior design is a field  of architecture, which focuses on spaces in a home. It also focuses on how humans interact with these spaces. A skilled interior designer can transform an ordinary space into something attractive and unique. How and what to use to fill up an empty space is the most crucial skill for any interior design. It involves floor covering, wall finishing, plants, artwork and lighting. Make sure that you address every need when designing the interior of your building.

Some old houses can be decorated and restored to their original vintage look. While some others make use of more modern sleek designs which are trending. Make sure that you choose interior design that fit perfectly with your new product launch.

Fashion Design

Now comes the turn for the next step. Fashion is often defined as a style personified. It is also used to make a personal statement. That is how you express yourself. When launching a new product, the fashion design can be the branding image you choose. Select vibrant colours and textures when designing your product brand. It should reflect what your brand is all about.

Effective designs portray trust, quality, and class.

User Experience

The Next step is the user experience. This is where your customers meet with your product. You should always hire a professional who knows how to make this easy and enjoyable. This is where the UX designers come to play. User experience designers focus on people’s emotions and reactions.  They are responsible for accessibility, credibility, value and usefulness of your product development design concepts.

Film & Video (Multimedia) Design

If you are looking for better engagement of your audience, then give them something attractive and helpful. Multimedia such as videos and images can help you engage more of your visitors. Therefore, always hire a multimedia expert for your new product launch. Film and videos are an excellent choice for creating awareness.

They can not only add a lot of value to your content. But also, they can include rich info-graphics, how-to videos and images that will add a touch of class to your business.


Some of the simple design concepts listed above can get you thinking for your next design project. Every concept is unique and a same concept is not suitable to every project. How you use them is entirely up to you. Always design with a purpose in mind and have fun! Always remember to try new ideas. Because new is always better!



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