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In addition to product development jobs, we offer positions related to industrial design, engineering, prototyping, web and mobile app development, graphic design, and marketing.

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Business Developer

This individual will be responsible for searching new markets, customers, partners, and business opportunities. He/She will analyze marketing strategies, financials, and deal requirements and potential.

The business development manager will locate, develop, define, negotiate, and close business relationships.

Must-have skills: great communication skills, business knowledge, negotiation skills, market foresight

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Web Developer

This person will be responsible for leading our web-development projects, which may include building web-sites or web-applications from scratch, updating design and functionality of existing websites, or developing custom web-solutions for our customers.

In addition, this person will manage the web-development team of front-end and back- end developers, including employees, contractors, vendors, and interns. This person will act as a web projects owner within the Team.

Must-have skills: HTML, PHP, WordPress

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Rapid Prototyping Specialist

The individual will work closely with all departments of our cross-functional team, as well as with vendors and contractors, building demos and prototyping unique ideas and concepts for our customers.

The rapid prototyping specialist will collaborate with internal and external teams managing prototyping projects and providing input to new product development projects. In addition this person will be responsible for maintaining, cleaning, and managing our rapid prototyping equipment, as well as teaching various rapid prototyping techniques.

Must-have skills: 3D Printing, CNC, CAD, Arduino, C++, Machining

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Project Manager

Project Manager is a leader who will assume ownership of projects and through collaboration with internal and external teams will ensure project delivery within specified budget and timeline.

This person will serve as a liaison between the Team, its customers, partners, and vendors establishing efficient communication and ensuring delivery of the results and fulfilment of customer requirements.

Must-have skills: CAD, MS Excel and Project, Management, Leadership

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3D Designer and CAD Drafter

This individual will create CAD objects (3D and 2D) for various applications, which will include engineering, prototyping, conceptual design, graphic design (including rendering), software or game development, and other.

This position will suit best to people with a blend of artistic and technical skills.

Must-have skills: Various 3D/2D CAD software

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Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer will provide design for product graphics, consumer packaging, user manuals, posters & signage, catalogs & brochures, sales presentations and web support.

This person will assume ownership of graphic design projects and will provide his/her input to other types of projects when necessary.

Must-have skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw

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Mobile Application/Software Developer

This individual assume ownership of projects and services related to mobile apps and computer software development. He/She will be responsible for designing, developing, and testing new mobile applications and/or computer software.

The candidate must be passionate about enhancing user experience and delivering high quality and high value software solutions to our customers.

Must-have skills: Any combination of the following: iOS,  Android,  Windows Mobile, C++, Java, .NET, HTML5

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