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3D Printing for Dentistry

Our professional service of 3D Printing for Dentistry can rapidly manufacture a wide range of dental products, all in-house, from bio-compatible surgical guides to orthodontic models, splints, retainers, and aligners.

Our high precision professional 3D printing service has an incredible precision and accuracy, the finished product we deliver is matte, smooth, affordable and with quick delivery.

The cost-effective dental materials we use have a low footprint which also allows a quick turn around of the investment, pay for exactly as much as you need, according to your capacity or needs, you don’t need a to make a significant investment in large machines, 3D software and other types of integrations.

Our service delivers a method for scaling production as your business grows.


  • Crown and bridge models
  • Surgical guides
  • Splints and retainers (night guards)
  • Orthodontic and diagnostic models


  • High precision 3D printing
  • Affordable
  • Quick turnaround
  • All in house and local

3D printing is most commonly used for model making. The models used to require time to mix stone and then carefully set up, but now, models can be printed using the same CAD files used to create the restoration. This provides an excellent visual aid for dentists and patients.

While printing metal is not often feasible, there is a laser technology that “builds” metal frameworks or pieces. This technology has allowed dentists and dental technicians who prefer to work with PFMs an option to keep that method while going to a more digital process.

As more materials are approved by the FDA for in-mouth use, it’s becoming increasingly possible to provide immediate temporary solutions for patients. This can allow immediate smile aesthetics while patients are healing or waiting for restorations or prostheses, this can help patients visualize what the final results will look like.

Surgery for dental implants can often be “free-handed” when drilling, but some implant cases require precision and accuracy. An excellent way to ensure the best care is through a surgical guide. Thanks to the combination of CBCT scans overlaid with digital mouth/teeth scans, it’s possible to create a custom surgical guide for each impact case that takes into account bone level, tooth/ root placement, and nerve locations. A surgical guide can be used during the implant workflow to enhance accuracy and provide a much better patient experience.

Each set of teeth is unique, like fingerprints, when a dental issue shows up, we offered a customized solution. 3D printing is the perfect approach to the dental industry due to its advantages to quickly and accurately produce custom designs. We can accurately and rapidly create crowns, bridges, stone models and a range of orthodontic appliances.

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Dentists around the globe have recognized that digital dentistry is the future of the industry. Our service of 3D printing for Dentistry has become a top quality digital dental manufacturing service, it has the flexibility of production, time-saving, costs, efficiency and accuracy, whether for the manufacturing of dental crowns, orthodontic aligners, prostheses.

A key tool for the modern dentistry, useful and practical for any dental laboratory, orthodontist, and dentist. An accessible way to get customized items, time-saving, cost-effective method, more precise and accurate than any traditional method, allowing you to deliver a better service.

LA NPDT offers high precision 3D printing for your dental lab or practice. Whether it’s crown and bridge models, surgical guides, splints, retainers, night guards or other orthodontic and diagnostic models, we can create all of your dental needs. For more information about our 3D printing services, give us a call (318) 243-5789 or email

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