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Mark Guo

Mark is passionate about manufacturing. He spent years to develop his expertise in production methods, design optimization for manufacturing, and supply chain development. In his ...

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Ralph Hill

As a digital media artist Ralph enjoys working on product design and 3D modeling projects that require a combination of science and art. He’s passionate ...

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Barrett Routon

Barrett is an Electrical Engineer specializing in IoT, Bluetooth, Wifi and other wireless communication hardware, embedded software design, and cloud architecture. Barrett is passionate about ...

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Stanley Mburu

Stanley works closely with all our team members in order to help our clients to achieve their objectives, he believes a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving ...

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Victor Powell

Devoted to identifying and satisfying customer needs, Victor is always striving to bring outstanding results to the inventors and business’ that reach out to LA ...

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Blagoja Stojchevski

An electronics engineer & PCB designer, he enjoys working on innovative electro-mechanical products, such as high-efficiency biomass burners, electric scooters, wind turbines, as well as ...

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