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Prototype Building Companies- LA NPDT featured on KTBS 3

One of the leading prototype building companies company, LA New Product Development Team, has had a busy and also a fruitful first year. We were busy in crunching one project after the other. During this year the team also utilized rapid prototyping services and cad drafting services. Our team ended up completing more than a hundred different projects. Our customers were from all over the U.S and overseas. We encourage you to view our portfolio featuring products that are ready for licensing or have entered the production stage.


Clothing, accessories, hardware, electronics you name it, LA NPDT has it all.

More than 100 completed projects with rapid prototyping services

LA NPDT, a rapid prototyping services company, is a team of creative individuals. Our team is rich with technical aptitude and marketers.

Some creative inventions were conceived and utilized rapid prototyping services right here in Shreveport, LA. For example, ICBX®cooler (pronounced as “icebox”) that is connected to the electrical system of your pick-up truck and regulates from the mobile phone, SYmphonia bags with GPS tracking and wireless charger for smartphones, Paint Rings by TADPOLE. That’s just a few examples. These products benefitted greatly from our cad drafting services and rapid prototyping services.

We have been focusing our efforts on designing new products and rapid prototyping services for our customers and attracting attention to their products keeping in mind that the best advertising is the word of a happy customer.

Why us?

During one of those projects, we reached out to KTBS 3 with the proposal to do a story about one of our clients. One thing led to another. We also shared some of the non-confidential projects we’ve been working on. KTBS then decided to make a story about us.

Timing was perfect, and this September the rapid prototyping services company, LA New Product Development Team, celebrates a year in business! Our experts are looking forward to working with you in the future.

To watch and read the full story, please visit KTBS’s website: http://bit.ly/2xwUM5c

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Prototype Building Companies- LA NPDT featured on KTBS 3
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