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LA New Product Development Team Opened Louisiana’s First Rapid Prototyping Factory

LA NPDT’s journey as a product development company started over six years ago. Since then, our team has designed and developed hundreds of inventions, providing our clients with creative solutions and technical means to realize their product ideas and bring them to the market. And with a growing number of our customers launching their new products, we’ve been experiencing an increased demand for our rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. Thus, we came to a point of expanding our office in Shreveport, LA. After finding a perfect location, we upgraded it and turned it into a state-of-the-art rapid prototyping factory and a short-run production hub. Our new prototype machine shop is unique for Louisiana and the U.S. in general with only a handful of similar facilities in the world. This brings an array of growth opportunities for us and our clients. But most importantly, it enables our team to help even more American and foreign inventors to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams by rendering high-end new product development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing services on a much larger scale. And it’s been one of our goals since our office opened its doors in 2016.


Over the years, we’ve reached quite a few significant milestones. One of them was establishing LA NPDT as a product design and rapid prototyping company across the USA and beyond. We began by serving local Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi customers. We then gradually spread our reach to the rest of the states. Consequently, we started building prototypes for our international clients and delivering them around the world. To date we shipped prototypes to Bahrain, the UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Namibia, Germany, Northern Macedonia, and other countries. The extensive experience in rapid prototyping made our team well-versed in creating large size prototypes. We successfully completed a number of such projects. This automated pizza cooking and vending machine is one of the great examples. And now having a prototype machine shop fitted with new equipment, we can keep expanding our rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. The conditions our industrial hub provides enables us to increase our prototyping capacity, create faster turnaround, and add even more variety to the prototypes we can build.     


As a natural progression, the range of services we provide is constantly growing. Always staying on top of recent and emerging technologies, we are open to incorporating those that will be beneficial to us and our customers. For instance, our product design and rapid prototyping services advanced to a great extent. We added a number of new 3D printing materials, including wood, ceramics, and other complex composites. And vacuum forming, CNC machining, silicone rubber molding, fabric and electronics prototyping are just some of the services available at our prototype machine shop. And in addition to the ability to install industrial grade equipment, the Shreveport rapid prototyping factory also gives us a lot of room to work around. Therefore, we created a special storage area so that we could facilitate product fulfillment services. This will benefit both the inventors coming for one-stop shop product development and those who have already launched their products. Adding another service to our menu will help our clients to deliver their products to their customers in a hustle-free and more efficient way.   With these new turns on the journey, the LA NPDT team keeps going forward and expanding horizons. We know that dedication to the thing you do and motivation to grow it, and with it, is what helps realize any goals and turn any ideas to reality. And yours are no exception. So when it’s time to bring your business and product ideas to fruition, your trusted partner is here to help. CONTACT OUR EXPERTS  


  1. Why is rapid prototyping important?
The importance of rapid prototyping lies in its ability to provide an inventor and/or a development team with a physical model – prototype – of the product idea in a faster and more efficient way. A ready-made prototype can be used to:
  • prove the concept and feasibility of the invention idea;
  • present to investors and potential partners;
  • receive customer feedback;
  • further improve product’s design, technical characteristics, performance;
  • prepare the product for manufacturing.
2) What are the advantages of rapid prototyping?
  • elimination of design flaws
  • functionality testing
  • streamlined manufacturing
  • reduction of product development cost
  • early target audience engagement
3) How does rapid prototyping work? Rapid prototyping process starts with identifying the purpose of the prototype in order to choose the type of prototype you need. Next step is creating a digital 3D design of a product or its parts using a CAD (computer-aided design) program. After the scale model is approved and the most suitable rapid prototyping technique is selected, the production stage begins. Then, depending on the prototype’s purpose, the physical model undergoes necessary evaluation, testing, and design modifications. Based on the implemented changes, the next model is ready for building. The iterative process of testing and refinement will be applied to each following prototype until the desired result is achieved.  
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