Do you have a product or concept that you want to turn into reality? Don’t know where to start? Our rapid prototyping company is here to turn your idea into a physical product! With rapid prototype development, you can turn your idea into a fully functional product quickly and easily.

Rapid prototyping companies allow you to examine your idea, to touch and feel it, to use it as a consumer would, to understand how your idea will function. They give you the opportunity to make changes and upgrades to your product before it reaches the market. They gives you the freedom to create everything you can imagine.


Rapid prototyping uses a variety of techniques to create a scale model of a product or part. Often a three-dimensional design is created using a CAD (computer-aided design) program. Your item can then be produced using different methods, including 3D printing, water jetting, and CNC machining.

Prototyping is a critical part of the product development process. It determines the feasibility of a design and brings your product to life. It gives you the opportunity to test your product, make changes to the design, and test and feel the product as if you were the consumer.

Prototypes are needed in many different fields. They give tangible proof that an idea is worth pursuing and allow you and the funding party to understand how the product will truly work. At LA NPDT, we have built prototypes for:

  • Chemical formulations
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Electro-mechanical machines
  • Mechanical tools, devices, and machines
  • Electronic devices, wearable gadgets, and IoT equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Silicone rubber products
  • Fabric products and clothing
  • Plastic consumer and industrial products

Why You Should have A Prototype

While prototyping sometimes seems like just another step in the process, it is easily one of the more important steps. Prototypes can steal the show, and show people what really is so great about your idea.

In a market where people are fighting to get the consumers attention, any parties that are investing in you and your idea are going to want proof that your idea is solid. Our rapid prototyping has a number of uses, including:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Proof of concept
  • Functionality testing
  • Ergonomics testing and optimization
  • Aesthetics evaluation and improvement
  • Marketing (trade shows, pre-sales, promo materials)
  • Conveying your requirements and vision to a manufacturer
  • Demonstration to investors, potential customers, and other stakeholders



Our services go beyond just creating the product. LA NPDT’s talented team of engineers, project managers, and designers will help you fine-tune your design and prepare it for production. We work to understand your idea and conceptualize what you are looking to produce, using an iterative process to develop your final product.

Our rapid prototyping services use your two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional products. Moving beyond the visualization stage of your project gives you the ability to have a hands-on approach with collaborators, showing your product in action.

Our rapid prototyping services use
your two-dimensional drawings to create
three-dimensional products. Moving beyond the visualization stage
of your project gives you the ability to have a hands-on approach with collaborators, showing your product in action.

Playing with a prototype of the
product allows you to test the
functionality and features, looking
for any weaknesses that appear
in the design. You cancheck the
touch and feel of invention,
before mass production.

Our rapid prototyping services
will save you time and money
on the production end of the
process, by letting you
understand and update your
invention before producing it
for your consumers.

By creating a prototype, you can save time and

money and accelerate product development.


Our rapid prototyping process will help you:

  • Prove your concept
  • Convey your ideas, requirements, and vision easier and faster
  • Raise funding by demonstrating your product as opposed to talking about it
  • Improve your design faster and in ways not possible without having a physical model
  • Save money on manufacturing by allowing us to figure out the steps, equipment, and time necessary for product assembly

Testimonials from some of our Clients

They got me a design, a prototype, and I just got the patent for the application this week...I don't have anything negtive to say about these guys, they're just really really good. Dr. Bob Cunningham, LA New Product Development Team I had a wonderful experience working with them. Konstantin and Victor, the whole crew go above and beyond to satisfy the customer's needs and I must say that I have been extremely satisfied and truly impressed...I am looking forward to bringing my next prototype to you guys. Arnel Bolden, LA New Product Development Team I am happy with the prototype. It was usable and testable and it works. I am a very satisfied customer. Nanci Smith, LA New Product Development Team This is the place you want and need to bring your idea to fruition. I have and am on my way to success! Thank you LANPDT! Mary Allen, LA New Product Development Team Great company to work with. Konstantin is very responsive and very very reliable. Super talented and hardworking people. Would definitely recommend! Annabel Wolman, Fashionit, U-Speaker, LA New Product Development Team Great and easy to work with. They allow you to turn your vision and design into reality. My prototype came out great even after I pivoted one the design a few times during the process! James McMaster, LA New Product Development Team I have been looking for someone to make a prototype from my idea. I almost lost hope until I discovered the team at LANPDT. They diligently worked with me to get me a product that I can use. They were efficient and friendly. A great team! Lela Tizano, LA New Product Development Team

Rapid Prototyping Methodology

In this video, our Project Manager and Engineer, Matthew Williams, talks about different 3D

printing technologies. We use FDM, SLA, SLS, and MJP 3D printers to build your invention prototype.

Collaboration is key to the rapid prototype development process. Our designers not only work with our engineering and prototyping teams, but also with you. Becoming one team is crucial to your prototype being manufactured to meet your performance criteria.

Before building any physical products, we create a “virtual prototype”, a 3D CAD model. While creating the computer model, we consider how your product will appeal to your audience. We then explore material choices for the ideal look, feel, and function. Once we understand how the product is expected to look and act, we can begin building.

We use a variety of different prototyping techniques and equipment, including:

  • Metal casting
  • Silicone rubber molding
  • Low-volume injection molding
  • Water jet, plasma, and laser cutting
  • CNC machining (turning, milling, routing)
  • 3D printing (FDM, SLS, SLA, PolyJet, DLP, FDM+Continuous Fiber)
  • Sewing
  • Thermoforming
  • PCB prototyping
  • Manual machining
  • Software prototyping
  • Breadboard prototyping
  • Various post-processing techniques

By using these different technologies, we are able to create each piece of your product, one at a time. We are able to walk through all the different stages of the prototyping process, fine-tuning each individual piece of your new product.


  • Mockup prototype (“look-like prototype”)
  • Proof of concept prototype (“work-like prototype”)
  • Functionality-optimization prototype
  • High-fidelity demo prototype
  • Pre-production prototype

We are able to understand your product completely, allowing you to have exactly what you need when you are ready for production.

Why Choose LA NPDT For Your

Rapid Prototype Development?

Unwavering commitment to our clients and our processes drives the LA NPDT team to strive for perfection on every prototype. Some of the best minds in the industry work hard to guarantee fabulous results, delivered on time, every time.

Unlike other rapid prototyping companies, we understand the pressures involved in bringing your product to life.

That is why our product development and rapid prototyping teams work together, under one roof. Having your rapid prototyping company in a single location provides you with peace of mind and an unmatched level of accountability.

Our experience in all niches allows us to design your prototype with both manufacturing and marketing in mind, focusing on your target market, and positioning you to easily sell your product.

Whether you’re working on a simple product, a complicated electronic device, or something else entirely, we’ll be able to help.

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