Professional product idea development tool. Based on the 3D Ideation Process™ methodology developed by Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova.

Realizr™ is a professional product idea development tool. Based on the 3D Ideation Process™ methodology, it helps inventors and product developers, like you, to come up with better ideas faster. This essential inventor’s tool provides a structure for streamlining your idea development process and helps to take ideas further, increasing their market viability and value.

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The 3D Ideation Process™ created by authors  will help refine your ideas by boosting the creative thinking of your brain. Each idea starts out as a simple notion, but through this process, you will work through the complexities and important details that are often left out when the initial idea is formed.

The process forces you, the inventor, to think in detail, and dive deep into your thought process, further developing your idea. As you use the tool, you will find that it encourages critical thinking, allowing you to skillfully analyze your idea, assess the characteristics, and reconstruct it into a better idea.

While in the critical thinking phase you will be asking vital questions of your idea and formulating logical answers, flushing out each detail as you think through it.

Using this defined and tested process helps you stay organized and motivates you for further achievements. The more you focus on your ideas, the more possibilities you see. Realizr™ features different sections to help you go through the idea development process and defining your goals.

It will keep your notes and sketches organized while you are working through the process. The pages have a place for you to sketch your invention – no more losing the napkin you drew it on! Each page allows you to sketch a quick design of your idea, detail your thoughts, store your notes, and describe what you are hoping your idea will do for your target audience. This is the starting point of your new product.

All your crazy thoughts, diagrams, and loosely formed ideas go in these pages. They are here for you to use to create, refine, and finally detail out your idea, step by step, one version after another.



Guiding ideas towards maturity is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks an inventor is faced with. Using an idea development process described by the team at LA NPDT, this book helps inventors, product developers, and product managers like you to streamline ideas into more defined and feasible concepts.


Taking time to define details and features makes it easier to develop conceptual designs, CAD models, and prototypes down the road. Preparing these details upfront will save you time and money in the long run. It will also make it easier for you to convey your ideas to engineers, manufacturers, and patent attorneys. Having a clear understanding of your idea makes it easier to define specifications and materials, user interface and experience (UI and UX), manufacturing methods, costs, and so much more.


Too often, inventors stop developing their ideas prematurely, leaving significant potential value on the table. Because ideation is an iterative process, more thinking/brainstorming cycles result in more defined and more valuable ideas. Realizr is designed to assist you in thinking through different aspects of your initial idea, helping you to see problems and threats, as well as opportunities and new horizons for your products early in the process.


Using Realizr™ allows to keep all your thoughts, ideas, and concepts in one place. Moreover, you can track the evolution of your ideas by recording their versions and quickly navigating between them. Having all your ideas on paper not only provides the paper trail helpful in proving the ownership, but also allows you to base your next ideas on the previous ones as opposed to starting from scratch.

Self Published Book

ISBN – 978-1-7923-9539-0


The framework of Realizr™ is the 3D Ideation Process™. This methodology is based on professional product development and marketing expertise. This idea development process will help you to grow and nurture your idea until it becomes a well defined concept with a clear purpose.


Ideas need to be developed, modified, and fine-tuned. The Idea Readiness gauge allows you to quickly estimate whether your idea is ready to be taken to the next stage or if it needs more work and a few more modifications.


We understand good ideas go through many iterations and sometimes you need to go back a version or two, or even as far as to the starting point. That’s why we added the Version Tracker that will allow you to connect several versions of the same idea and to quickly navigate between them.


Organization is so useful yet it is usually overlooked. Stay organized with a table of contents right from the start.


It doesn’t stop there. Realizr™ comes with more tools to help you. Here’s a list of everything you can expect to find inside.

  • Owner’s Information
  • Page Introduction (preface)
  • Definitions
  • Inventor’s Checklist
  • The 3D Ideation Process™
  • Tutorial/Sample Page
  • List of Ideas
  • Idea Readiness Meter
  • Version Tracker


Realizr™ lives due to the collaborative effort of our cross-functional team. As a product development company, we understand the challenge of turning ideas into technologically-feasable and market viable products. What we found throughout our experience is that idea generation and development is a skill that can be trained and perfected by following a vetted process. We’ve compiled our knowledge into this idea development tool to help others come up with better ideas faster.


product idea development tool



  • Are the pages numbered?


  • How big is it?

Outside – 9 in x 12 in, Inside – 8.5 in x 11 in

  • How many ideas will fit?


  • How many pages are there?


  • Can you record multiple projects?

Yes, this book has enough pages to develop 44 different ideas.

  • What is the thickness of paper?

The pages have a weight of 60lbs (copy paper is typically 20lbs)


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