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Free Initial Consultation

High-level discussion of the product development process and what developing your idea will entail.

The consultation is a good start if you are not sure what to do with your idea and how turn it into an actual, marketable product. One of LA NPDT’s project managers will answer any general questions that you may have while also making available resources for more information about developing products with LA NPDT.

20 minutes
NDA – optional
Zoom meeting
Consultant – any available
Cost – Free

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In-depth Consultation with CEO

In-depth discussion of the product development process and what developing your idea will entail with LA NPDT’s founder and CEO, Dr. Konstantin Dolgan.

Konstantin is a certified new product development professional with years of experience and three engineering degrees, including a PhD. Having developed and launched many successful products for LA NPDT and its customers he offers insight into what it takes to turn an idea into reality through his expertise in both engineering and R&D as well as marketing strategies that will help you succeed on this journey!

During the consultation you can ask general questions about the process of turning your idea into a product, as well as dive deep into certain issues related to developing or launching new products.

This consultation is beneficial if you are serious about developing a successful product and want to make sure you are aware of all the opportunities and threats in front of you, as well as to learn about the best practices for developing better products faster.

90 minutes
NDA – required
Zoom or in-person meeting at LA NPDT’s office
Consultant – Konstantin Dolgan, PhD, NPDP
Cost – $449

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