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Smart Security IoT System Solutions for your Business

Keeping business properties secure is simple: Let the right people in and keep the unauthorized ones out. Impregnability, however, often requires a tough negotiation between the quality of services and the cost. Much of the total cost for security systems is due to monitoring or the ability to track down any unauthorized activity. But, thanks to smart security systems, you can crush out large sums off of your business budget for monitoring and consider it affordably covered.

What is a Smart Security System?

The smart security system isn’t called so to imply that the older business security models are “non-smart.” Before smart security systems, the legacy security facility was effective too. The “smart” in smart security system has something to do with IoT services, short for the Internet of Things. Smart security essentially takes the monitors in facility systems and hooks them up with the internet and cellular phone systems to enable alerts and other notifications. Such technology, enabled by an IoT system, allows you to keep track of your business properties via your smartphone. As a small business owner, you will be able to save up from expenses for a 24-hour monitoring service by security companies. With smart do-it-yourself and purpose-driven security solutions, the start-up costs are relatively lower and there are no monthly fees too.

What Makes Up a Smart Security System?

Whether you intend to hire somebody to install an IoT system or choose to assemble a smart security system yourself, it pays to know its composite parts. A smart security system can range from an extensive monitoring facility with video cameras and sensors or just one or two smart cameras. You can also set up other IoT services such as smoke and motion detection or sound and temperature tracking. But, the rudimentary components of a smart security system include:
  • Hub
The heart of a smart security system, the hub, is connected to your router, either via a cable or WiFi. The hub is what allows you to control the individual system devices using an app on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet. It communicates with all the devices that make up your smart security system through wireless protocols. Some systems use a simple WiFi connection, an open system such as Z-Wave, or other proprietary systems.
  • Sensors
Sensors that detect motion, smoke, changes in temperature, or when entry points are breached. They can be set to trigger an alert, alarm, or automate a video activation for you to be able to monitor unauthorized activity.
  • Access control
These are mechanisms that allow the entry of authorized personnel. It can be set up using an access code, a swipe of an employee identification card, or a biometric recognition. The access control system can be hooked to an alarm or alert system on your app to manage unauthorized entry.
  • Security cameras
Cameras are, of course, an essential part of a security system as it provides footages of daily activities within your business. With an IoT system, you can remotely access the surveillance cameras using an app. There are systems that allow you to use cloud storage for the footages as well.

Which Smart Security System Fits Your Business?

 There are mainly two categories of smart security systems that are suitable even for small business settings.
  • All-in-one solutions
Security systems basically composed of smart cameras with built-in sensors. They can monitor motion, temperature, humidity, and other custom IoT services.  Notifications coming from data picked up by sensors can be sent to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Services that notify third parties when you are unable to respond to the alerts are also available. There are companies that offer all-in-one solutions with costs ranging from $50-200 depending on the complexity of the services.
  • Expandable systems
Expandable systems refer to customizable solutions. Generally, expandable systems have one hub or central device that controls the sensors, cameras, and other security devices. Such systems usually cost around $150 to as much as $1,500. Smart security systems are ideal for small and developing businesses wherein changes are fast-paced. Thanks to the advent of IoT, there is much more room to wiggle around in terms of features and costs of security devices. The good thing is you can take ownership in monitoring your business and cut costs. Plus, you can do all these remotely and with a few taps on your smartphone.

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