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When you finally have a prototype of your new product or idea (either a physical one or a 3D) in your hands, it can feel like the customers are going to line up to get your product right away. However, the truth is, without the right marketing or licensing strategy, it doesn’t matter how great your product is – no one will know about it. That’s why LA NPDT is empowering companies, their ideas and their products with compelling and engaging marketing materials that will receive so needed attention of consumer audiences.

Below you see several examples of one-page brochures (also known as sell sheets) outlining the key advantages of a product (or an idea) supplemented with the attractive visual representation of a product. The main purpose of the sell sheet is to communicate the value of the product to the potential licensees or prospect customers and leave them wanting to learn more about your product. LA NPDT has the expertise to design an appealing sell sheet you need to leverage your new prototype and take it to the world.


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