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Social Media Strategy: How to Promote a New Product

Congratulations you thought about an invention and you already have your new idea or product ready to go. Are you also ready for the next step to bring this product to the masses? Now you ask yourself, what is the Social Media Strategy? How to Promote a New Product. What do I need to become a success in the digital world? Some recent studies claim that an average person spends around two hours a day in social media and also in messaging apps. It may be hard to admit but some of us spend even more time!

There are a lot of social networks at the moment that let you create natural content that the average user can see in their newsfeeds and also make them attracted to your product.

Social Media Marketing for New Inventions: Best Practices, , LA New Product Development Team

To begin the Social Media Strategically, the most efficient social networks at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These networks have the most active users, also letting you reach more people at the same time with one click.

Step 1

The first step is to set up all the profiles in these networks. It is also important to use the same name on each and every one of them so that it is easier for the clients to find you if they switch from one online marketing company to the other. The profiles created should also have fan pages with pictures and content of your invention or idea.

It is stated that a picture can express a thousand words, meaning that the adequate picture can also explain to your customer what you want to express. Another good idea after you have created your profile is to also create a Google+, YouTube and Pinterest account. Even though these are less popular online marketing company at the moment they continue to grow every day and if you don’t keep up you will also end up losing customers.

Step 2

The second step would be to create content about your background, invention history and also other related information you want the consumer to know about you. If you don’t know how to create content you can take online courses on Copywriting or pay an online marketing company to manage this area. Each content should also be accompanied by beautiful pictures of the product or idea.

Try not to bombard your page with a lot of information as the followers can get bored with your intentions and end up unfollowing you. I would also suggest posting three times a day for Social Media Strategy, maybe once with every meal you take. This way you can target morning people, people on their lunch breaks, and also people getting off work and wanting to relax for a while.

Step 3

The third basic step you must take is not only finding but also engaging your audience. You may begin by asking family and friends to like and share your pages with their friends. There are also many tools you can download to find customers on the different online marketing company. Even a simple google search can help you find extensions or programs that can ease you in Social Media Strategy. If you have time available, then do take simple marketing courses on the web on how each online marketing company works. It will also help you target more audience. An example of this is Twitter if you follow someone eventually they will follow you back.

On the other hand in Facebook, you also need to have people like your page if you want to engage and keep those clicking on your posts and liking them if not they will not see your posts again. After you have a small fan club you may also begin asking questions, sending samples, creating polls to have the user engage and continue following your page.

Now you have a basic understanding of Social Media Strategy

Stay tuned to learn about marketing new products!

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