Special Offer for Students Inventors

Are you an aspiring inventor, a student looking to visualize his/her ideas with photo-realistic renderings? Are you going to file a provisional patent application and show your concepts to the potential licensees? Maybe you need a 3D model or 2D line drawings to get a quote from a manufacturer or to make a prototype of your product? Or maybe you want to go an extra mile by creating a video sell-sheet?

Grab Big Companies’ Attention with Top-quality Materials

If you answered yes to any of the questions above – you came to the right place! We know exactly what you need! Our team likes to support students learning how to invent in the right way. One of our goals is to help individual inventors to connect with the large corporations that crave for creative ideas. We do our part by providing the top-quality materials that immediately attract attention and help inventors to be treated more seriously by large enterprises.


We are a US-based product design, development, and marketing team consisting of highly educated, experienced, and talented people. We even have two Ph.D.’s in our team! Over the course of the last years, we helped many inventors and students, just like yourself, to streamline the process and to convert their ideas into visual and even physical forms.

Affordable Monthly Payments

We know that large upfront payments can be a burden for individual inventors who want to invest in high-quality materials, so we offer these convenient and affordable 6-months long subscriptions.

Your Intellectual Property is Safe

After you select the plan that fits your project and make the first payment we will send you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a work for hire agreement (WfHA). All the information you will send us will be kept confidential. We will never disclose your ideas without your written permission. Everything we will develop within the scope of your project will belong to you. We will transfer all the intellectual property rights to you.

Do you have a question?

Ask us! We will reply within a day!

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Catalina Park Amazing experience, by far the most professional, punctual, and talented designers I've come across. The words are not enough to describe the quality of the experience I've had with LA NPDT. Thank you so much! Paula Thomas I'm a product developer and the most important part about my product is making sure I place it in the right hands and with LA NPDT that's exactly happened. Paula Thomas, inventor, product development, Testimonial for LA NPDT Brandon Townsdin Very pleased with the outcome of my work. Took the time to work with me with revisions to ensure that the deliverable was exactly what I wanted. Will recommend to others. Brandon Townsdin Testimonial for LA NPDT Martin Amos Great communication and all my projects have been done in a timely manner. All their information has been correct when I was approaching companies for licensing. They help with a variety of services to bring products to market. LA NPDT does it all.

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