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Fundamentals for Being a Successful Innovator, Product Developer, and Researcher

To be a successful product developer, you also have to be an innovator and researcher because making new things is a process of perpetual learning and growth. Our engineers agree that they have an exciting job, where they are always facing new challenges and solving problems. In this video, we’re going to discuss four insights they shared on being a successful innovator and researcher.

1. Curiosity

A researcher is a person who asks questions, who “searches.” It’s not about having all the answers. Even if you think you already have an idea of how to solve a problem, you have to be interested in discovering solutions that are better than those already at your disposal to be a successful researcher.

2. Analytical Mindset

For both researchers and innovators, an analytical mindset is key. You have to be methodical in using the scientific method. It’s also important to successfully diagnose and isolate the problem at hand so you can fully understand the components of your project. Finally, you have to think critically about the data you collect.

3. Realism

The innovation aspect of product development is defined by real-world problems and solutions. There has to be a real need for the product you’re designing, and you have to approach its development with a practical mindset, considering whether value to the consumer outweighs the cost of development, for example.

4. Solution-oriented approach

Finally, a successful innovator thinks in terms of finding solutions. This might mean eliminating what doesn’t work or being open-minded to the possibilities of a design that might challenge the status-quo. Either way, an innovator is someone who figures out what works and improves upon what has already been done to produce the best possible solution.

A product developer is always learning and always confronting new challenges. This is because innovation is where logic and creativity intersect, so it’s important to be ambitious yet grounded in the constraints of products that have real-world applications.

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