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Successful Product Concept Design Examples and Development

Several successful products have become household tools. These products were created using some of the most exceptional concepts. Hence, this article is considering some of the most successful concept design examples.

These examples are stories of successful companies and their well-known products. In addition, we explored how they designed these products. You can check here for the product innovation methods used by these successful companies.

Product 1: Coca-Cola Contour Bottle Concept Design Example

This story of one of the most iconic soft drink bottles goes as far back as 1894. After some modification, the company decided on designing a bottle that can be recognizable even in the dark. The worry among bottlers was that Coca-Cola bottles could be mistaken for “copycat” brands.

Hence, the Root Glass Company of Indiana designed the famous contour shape drink bottle. Even though the design was approved in 1915, it was not introduced to the world until 1916. Coca-Cola gives a detailed background of the concept design example on its official website.

To follow up the widely known design, other packaging innovations followed. For instance, one of them is the introduction of carriers for people to take their drinks home. Another major improvement was the introduction of recyclable – PET plastic Coca-Cola bottles – in 1978.

Product 2: Product Concept Design Example of Ball Point Pen

Over 2 billion ballpoint pens are produced annually in the U.S. alone. However, the concept design did not make its way to production as widely accepted as it is today.

The patent for the first known ballpoint was filed by John J. Loud in 1888.

Loud’s invention only worked on leather. Then, Lászlό Bírό was inspired to create ballpoint pens that can write smoothly on paper. He got inspired after noticing that newspaper inks faster than those traditional fountain pens.

Lászlό being a journalist needed an alternative to fountain pens that often draw back. Hence, he employed the ball socket mechanism and new ink to create the pen in 1938. His new invention worked well on paper without smudging.34.

Product 3: Oreo cookies Concept Design Example

This concept design case studies one of the most popular consumables. In fact, Oreo Cookies have been the best-selling cookie in America for over a century. The product is said to have been a replica of that of Sunshine Biscuits Company.

The company created two chocolate disks with crème sandwiched between them. Their invention came in 1908, and it was called Cookie Hydrox. Four years after, several baking companies called Nabisco introduced Oreo Cookie.

Nabisco filed for a trademark soon after the cookie was created. Also, there have been introductions in the years following. Some of the popular ones are the Halloween and Christmas Oreos.

Product 4: Product Concept Design Example of Apple’s iPhone

iPhone is arguably the world’s leading mobile phone product concept design example. It was birthed by one of the 20th century’s most brilliant minds – Steve Jobs. His primary concept was deemed impossible.

Read this article to know more about people thinking his idea was impossible. Steve envisioned a super slick phone. Before iPhone was released in 2007, the leading phones were BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and a lot more with screens on top and fixed “hard” buttons at the bottom.

Steve intends to get rid of the buttons so that users can have more than a fraction of the phone as a screen. In no time, the phone industry followed in the same direction with phones and gadgets. You can check this micro-USB charging and data transfer station.

Product 5: Anglepoise Lamp Concept Design Example

Our last story is that of George Carwardine, a specialist in vehicle suspension systems. In 1932, he created the Anglepoise lamp.

The British designer started experimenting in his garage after the firm he was working for went bankrupt.

So, the achievement of his experiment was creating a prototype light that could reposition at any angle. Hence, it was designed with a heavy base to keep the lamp established.

The first lamp was then produced by Herbert Terry & Sons in 1934.

Top Questions about Successful Product Concept Design Examples and Development

Check below for questions related to product concept design examples and how they were designed.

1. What are the elements of product design?

The four basic elements of product design are features, aesthetics, interaction, and novelty. Every user craves a good experience, and that is what product features help accomplish. In addition, aesthetics help add some excitement to the good experience of the product features. It is quite important that users can use your product based on their intuition. Usually, if they need the guide to use it rightly, its interaction is probably not top-notch. Finally, novelty is how your products fit into the everyday activity of your users.

2. What makes a product design successful?

Your product design concept will be considered successful for two reasons. Firstly, it must meet user requirements. Secondly, it should provide users with significant value. The two are different because even when a product’s feature meets a user’s important need, there may be other appealing features on the product. By using these extra features, you are adding value to your user. Ultimately, your product will become successful.

3. What are the three product design strategies?

The three product design strategies you need are understanding the problem, defining the product, and visualizing the product. Each of these strategies helps you to perceive the need for a product from the lenses of the customers.

4. What are the features of a good design product?

Before your product can be certified good, it needs to tick these boxes. The utility of your product must be well established. Your product should be reliable enough for a good degree of pressure. Your product must be easy to use for even first timers. Lastly, the handling of your product must communicate desirability and pleasurability.

It’s a Wrap

Oreo, Coca-Cola, iPhone, and all of the successful products that you know around have unique concepts. That is why this article has considered five of these concept designs. Using these concept design examples of successful companies, you can recreate your accomplishment.

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