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Tech Talk E6: Real-time Earth Images, Cargo Drone, Alexa on Halloween

Segment 1: Good Use of Technology, or Bad?

Several space firms are working to create real-time images of everything on the planet that is larger than a car. Every building, every road, every river and lake, everything.

Segment 2: Massive Cargo Drone

Volocopter, the company working on air taxis, is also preparing to fly utility drones with a design similar to that of its air taxi. The VoloDrone is an 18-rotor electric aircraft that will be able to carry cargo including boxes, slings, and disaster relief tools.

Segment 3: Alexa on Halloween

And while you are on Alexa today, have some Halloween fun! Try this spook-tacular tips to have some fun with Alexa and your kids. Ask Alexa to tell you a Halloween joke, or tell you scary stories, or play spooky sounds.

We invite you to Leave a comment with your thoughts, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Talk

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