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Tech Talk Episode 12: Fast Cash via PayPal’s Xoom, Microsoft’s Update on Privacy Laws, Google Play Points

Big changes from Paypal, Microsoft, and Google coming your way – always keeping us in suspense as to what’s up next. Well, no more waiting, we’ve got the scoop on this and more at.

LA NPDT Tech Talk, where we bring you the latest developments in the technology world. We’ll keep you tuned in the newest gadgets and product innovations across the globe. Join LA New Product Development Team for the most recent, up-to-date tech news each day. Now, let’s get to today’s news.

Fast Cash

Paypal is making it easy for people without bank accounts to get access to money transfers by using it’s Xoom app or website. Using this app you can send cash to friends or family, and that cash can be picked up at any Walmart in the US or at a Ria money transfer store. Giving this tool to people without credit cards or bank accounts gives them an additional means of cash and access to additional financial services. And by partnering with Walmart just before the holiday season should bring an influx of business to the store, as well as bringing new customers to Paypal.

Microsoft Changing Its Policy on Privacy Laws

For the better. Microsoft just announced that it will be following California’s digital privacy laws throughout the entire US. This gives consumers more control over how companies use their data. The California Consumer Privacy Act provides protection to consumers, giving them the opportunity to opt-out of having their information sold. It also allows people to request that data be deleted. When the CCPA goes into effect Jan 1, it will be the most stringent data privacy protection in the nation. Smart move Microsoft, smart move!

Google Play Points Now in the US

Google just announced that it’s Play Points are now available in the US. By purchasing items and subscriptions from the Play Store, or in-app, or by downloading featured apps and games, you can start collecting points. These points can then be redeemed for in-app characters and gems, or be used as credit for movies, books, and new games. To join the program – it’s free – go to the Play Store and go to Play Points in the menu. And this is just another reason to keep on gaming!

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