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Tech Talk Episode 14: Saving a Life of Kids and Animals Left in Cars, New Materials for Solar Panels, A New Type of Band-Aid

A simple, life-saving device. A solar panel that is “alive”. All that and more in today’s version of. . .

LA NPDT Tech Talk. Bringing you the latest developments in science and technology. We’ll keep you tuned in the newest gadgets and product innovations across the globe. Join LA New Product Development Team for the most recent, up-to-date tech news each day. Now, let’s get to today’s news.

New Materials for Solar Panels?

Researchers at UCLA have created a material that moves toward the sun, orienting itself as a sunflower does to continually soak up the most light. This artificial material, made into stem-like cylinders can maneuver to capture around 90% of sunlight in the sky. The researchers have dubbed this material SunBOT. Since the material can move into the best position to absorb the sun, shifting as the sun moves, this is an ideal material to look at for future solar panels. Currently, solar panels are able to capture about 25% of available sunlight from the sun. Moving this to 90% could be a game-changer in the energy industry.

A New Type of Band-Aid

Researchers at Montana Technical University have developed a portable electrospinning device to be used in the medical field. This device has an electric field and uses air to spray fibers out onto a surface. The device works like a can of spray paint with one small difference. Instead of spraying out paint, it spits out bandages and drugs, placing them directly onto the skin. The device can be used to place bandages on open wounds and to provide controlled drug release over a period of time. Hopefully, it hurts less than peeling off a band-aid when removing it.

Saving a Life

Looking to solve a worldwide problem, researchers at the University of Waterloo created a small sensor that could trigger an alarm when children or pets are left alone in a vehicle. The device combines radar technology and artificial intelligence to detect children or animals. So far the device has had a 100% accuracy rating. This potentially life-saving device can be attached to a car’s rear-view mirror or mounted in the car. By sending out radar signals, the device detects who or what is in the car and sounds the alarm when necessary. Hopes are that the device will be brought to market by the end of 2020.

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