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Tech Talk Episode 15: Magnetic Skin, Verizon’s New Streaming Device, Facebook Pay: The Next Paypal?

Ever wanted to use the Force? Now’s your chance. Looking for something besides Roku for your streaming pleasure. No problem. We’ve got you covered here at.. . .

LA NPDT Tech Talk. Bringing you the latest developments in science and technology. We’ll keep you tuned in the newest gadgets and product innovations across the globe. Join LA New Product Development Team for the most recent, up-to-date tech news each day. Now, let’s get to today’s news.

Magnetic Skin

Researchers at KAUST have developed a magnetic skin that can control switches and keyboards with the wave of a hand. The lightweight, flexible skin is magnetized, making it useful without having the inconvenience of all the wires. The skin is made from a biocompatible polymer matrix and is filled with magnetized microparticles. The researchers tested the skin by attaching it to both an eyelid, and the fingertip of a latex glove. They found in both cases, the skin was able to activate switches simply by having the person blink or wave. Simple, yet effective.

A New Streaming Device

Verizon is joining the world of streaming TV with it’s new set-top box called the Verizon Stream TV. The Stream TV supports 4K HDR, runs on Android TV, and has Google Assistant built in. It also supports Disney+. But it is missing one key ingredient. It doesn’t support Netflix. For $69.99, I’m not sure this device is a win, but we’ll see how the launch plays out for Verizon.

The Next Paypal?

Facebook has launched a new payment system, named Facebook Pay. It’s designed to send money to friends, shop for goods and donate to fundraisers. Facebook is rolling out its Facebook Pay system on Facebook and Messenger this week in the US. Initially, it will be available for fundraisers, person to person payments, event tickets, and in-game purchases. More functionality will be added as will additional platforms, such as Instagram and What’sApp. This has the potential to be beneficial within the Facebook app, especially as Facebook grows into this new product and continues to expand its functionality.

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