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Tech Talk Episode 18: Inspector Gadget – like Robot from MIT, New Stem Cell Research, Ghost Imaging

Inspector Gadget is back! Stem cell research is moving along, and ghost imaging is becoming more prominent today on LA NPDT Tech Talk, where we bring you the latest developments in science and technology and keep you tuned in the newest gadgets and product innovations across the globe.

Remember Inspector Gadget?

MIT engineers recently developed a robot designed to extend it’s “arms” to complete more difficult tasks. The robots have a chain-like appendage flexible enough to twist and turn, allowing the robot to complete tasks such as reaching for a product tucked behind another or unscrewing an oil cap after reaching around the car’s engine. The appendage is rigid enough to support heavy loads and applies torque to assemble parts and when the task is complete, it simply retracts the appendage. It can then extend it at a different length to fit the next task. Go, go Gadget arms!

New Stem Cell Research

A team from Rutgers has created new biosensor technology featuring high-tech imaging. This new technology may help lead to safe stem cell therapies for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease treatments. The team created this technology to monitor the gate of stem cells by detecting genetic materials involved in turning such cells into brain cells. By developing accurate sensing platforms, the group hopes to facilitate treatment of macular degeneration, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease and more.

Ghost Imaging

Researchers from The Optical Society have found a way to capture moving objects using ghost imaging. It is a technique that produces an image of an object by combining information from two light detectors. One is a multi-pixel detector that does not view the object, while the others a single-pixel detector that does view the object. In the past, ghost imaging has been limited to stationary objects. This new method could make the imaging technique practical for biomedical imaging, security checks, and video compression.

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