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Tech Talk Episode 20: Sneakers that Groove, Mac Pro to be Available Soon, Wi-Fi Cooking

Hey Tech Fans. Today we’re talking musical sneakers on LA Tech Talk, as we bring you the latest in science and technology and keep you tuned in the newest gadgets and product innovations across the globe. Join LA New Product Development Team for the most recent, up-to-date tech news each day. Now, let’s get to today’s news.

Sneakers that Groove

You know how sometimes you can feel the beat of a song in your feet? The bass drum rhythm and the melody that seems to float down to your toes while you’re listening? You will soon actually be able to feel the beat, and more, in your toes. DropLabs has created a shoe that takes audio to a whole new level. The EP01 is a slightly bigger sneaker that is equipped with Bluetooth, a speaker-grade transducer, and a power source, allowing it to sync with your music, movies, and games. You’ll be able to feel the vibrations in the souls of your feet when playing games or while watching movies on your favorite gadgets. The shoes cost just over $500 – a steep price for something you can’t currently try before you buy.

Mac Pro to be Available Soon

Apple announced that its new Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display will be available in December. It will be able to be ordered with up to an 8TB SSD, and can handle up to six streams of 8K Pro Res video, something Mac fans have been asking for. Blackmagic Design will have an SDI to 8K converter for productions that use a serial digital interface workflow on set or in studio, according to Apple. If buying the base configuration, you’re looking at a price tag of $5,999 for the Mac Pro, but Apple fans usually find the machine well worth the price tags. The Mac is back.

Wi-Fi Cooking

Weber has paired up with June, an appliance startup, to create a new SmokeFire grill. The grill burns wood pellets and is Wi-Fi enabled. This is the first time Weber has made a pellet grill, but with their strong history in the outdoor cooking market, a solid product is expected. The smartgrill can provide step-by-step instructions on recipes and an end cooking time for what you put on your grill. As will all smart electronics, it can be controlled and have information delivered to your smartphone.

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