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Tech Talk S02 E03: Smart Carts from Amazon, Muse – Best Wearable of 2019, Tesla Glove for Virtual Touch

If you aren’t tired of shopping yet, we’ve got a new feature you can try on your next shopping spree. We also have a glimpse as to what 2020 may bring in the technology field.

Smart Carts

Amazon started a new fad with its Go stores – grocery stores without checkout lanes – and others are starting to jump on board. Two startup companies, Caper and Veeve, have created Smart Shopping Carts, with AI embedded in the carts.

These carts can weigh your produce, and other items needing weighing. Cameras and sensors note what items are put in or taken out of the cart. Cameras are pointed down, so a customer’s privacy is not invaded while they are shopping.

How do you pay for your groceries with these carts? Simply enter a credit card, or use your Google Pay or Apple Pay accounts. When you get to the door of the store, a green light will give you permission to go ahead, and you will be charged. If there is a question about something in your cart, a red light will so off, summoning a store employee to help iron out the wrinkle.

Caper is currently running a test program in New York City and Canada, while Veeve is hitting the Seattle market with its pilot program. While this is still in pilot mode, there has been a lot of interest in these carts, according to both companies. I expect we’ll see them around soon.

Best Wearable Tech Device of 2019
MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband

This headband actually uses its technology to improve your quality of life, relieving tension and stress. Worn on your head, it connects with an app on your phone and provides you with real-time readings of an EEG. It then plays meditation music if needed, based on the readings. If your mind is calm, the headband will play relaxing sounds. If you are stressed, the sounds will be louder, more intense. These are designed to draw you back to reality, helping you focus on the task at hand. It sounds like a win for everyone!


TeslaSuit has created an individual glove, debuting in January. They are calling it the TeslaSuit Glove. The glove will be used for training and rehabilitation. Using several technologies, it creates the idea of touching and holding objects. It can capture hand motions and record biometric info. The glove has nine electrodes on each finger, allowing for the sensation of touching a nonexistent surface. It also captures wrist and finger motion from the user. The plastic exterior creates the feeling of interacting with objects and a pulse oximeter gathers heart rate.

The glove is currently in the safety testing phase but expected to be widely available mid-2020. For around $5000 per glove, this could be an excellent addition to a rehabilitation center!

Technology in 2020 

Big things are predicted for 2020 in the technology world, but we’ll have to patiently wait to see how things unfold as we come into the new year. It’s gearing up to promise manned space flight, possibly with civilian passengers, flexible screens on phones and tablets, 5G service across the globe, and big leaps with Quantum computing. Will it all happen? Time will tell, but stick with us as we move into 2020, and we’ll keep you posted on Tech Talk.

We invite you to Leave a comment with your thoughts, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Talk

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