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Tech Talk S02 E07: Sad News about Tetris, AI-powered Suitcase, Turn off your Bluetooth!, Cruise Origin Driverless Taxi

Driverless cars, devices that follow you around, and good old fashion video games are hot items this week, and we’ve got the scoop on all of them on LA NPDT Tech Talk where we bring you the latest in science and technology and keep you tuned in the newest gadgets and product innovations across the globe.

A New Useful Gadget

Some of our technology today is fun, but it’s just another gadget to throw in the drawer after you get bored with it – but this is actually a solution to a real-life problem. Imagine losing your luggage in the airport, before you even get on the plane – yes, it happens. But not any longer, thanks to Ovis. The AI-powered suitcase is designed to follow you anywhere you go.

You wear a wristband, and the five cameras in the suitcase handle make sure that the piece of luggage follows you anywhere you go. Perfect for people with kids, or in wheelchairs, or just people with their hands full, this is one less thing you need to worry about while wandering through the airport maze. And to comply with TSA rules, the batteries are removable.

A perfect solution for those who hate lugging suitcases around.

Turn off your Bluetooth!

We have all lost our phone or tablet, and many of us have relied on those cool apps that scan for Bluetooth devices to help us find it again. It’s easy, convenient, and once we quickly locate our missing electronics, all is well with the world again.

Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one using that app. Car thieves across the nation are using Bluetooth scanners to find electronics hiding in your car. When your Bluetooth is on, it sends out a signal that can be picked up by anyone using a Bluetooth Finder app. If your Bluetooth is connected to your laptop, your tablet, or any other gadgets, a car thief will find them all.

If you must leave your electronics in the car, just be sure your Bluetooth is turned off to help keep your items safe.

Are you ready to go for a ride? In a car? Without a driver?

The Cruise Origin is being hailed as the first driverless taxi. It has no steering wheel and no pedals. It is boxy and spacious, with plenty of room for passengers. Powered by a GM-sourced electric motor, the electric power train frees up room in the cab for four to six passengers.

Sliding doors prevent collisions with pedestrians when you are getting in or out of the vehicle.

And just how does the car drive itself? It has a host of sensors and autonomous software that has been tested and retested by Cruise over the past 3 years. It has sensors that track pedestrians and cyclists, as well as radars and lidars to help watch traffic.

The sensors can see in the dark, and can see more than one place at a time, unlike humans. A release date has not been stated just yet, nor has a price for the ride, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on this latest technology as Cruise starts releasing more of the details.

And on a sad note. . . .

Remember Tetris?? The simple, slightly dated, but the well-loved game is set to vanish from iOS and Android devices in April. After April 21st, EA’s versions of the game will be unavailable, even if they are already downloaded on your device. While the game is still available on Nintendo Switch and PS4, it won’t be quite the same as strategically dropping a few tetrominoes on your mobile device. Enjoy the game now, while you still can!

And that brings us to the end of today’s Tech Talk, brought to you by LA New Product Development Team. Stay tuned next week for more developments in the product world, as we keep digging through the maze of technology that floods the web.

We invite you to Leave a comment with your thoughts, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Talk

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