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Tech Talk S02 E10: Samsung’s New Flip Phone, Mobile World Congress

We think of technology as flip phones and smartwatches, but it’s also being used to stop poachers across the globe. We’ve got the scoop on the latest flip phone and more on LA NPDT Tech Talk where we bring you the latest in science and technology and update you on gadgets and innovations across the globe. If you like our podcast, please take a minute to review us on your favorite platform. Now, let’s get to today’s news.

Flip Phone Winner

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip phone just came out this past Friday, and so far, reviews are pretty favorable. The glass screen holds its own with just a slight, barely visible crease in the center when open. It’s mostly noticeable be running your finger along the screen and feeling it there. Samsung says the fold is good for 200,000 flips, or approximately 5 years of use. What we don’t yet know is how the fold itself will hold up. Samsung incorporated hairlike fibers to keep dust and debris away from the fold, but eventually, build up of dust will start to hamper the hinge mechanism.

The tiny cover display allows you to view messages and your main phone icons like the Wi-Fi icon, missed call icon, other notifications, and the alarm. At only 1.1 inch diagonal, it isn’t good for much else. The Galaxy Z Flip has two cameras, and the wide angle camera does a fantastic job of making selfies look natural.

The phone has 2 battery cells, working together and the Flip is small enough that the charge could theoretically last all day, but two batteries are less efficient than one, so this may not be the case when you really start using the phone. Time will tell.

Mobile World Congress

The tech show, held in Spain, has been canceled this year amid Coronavirus fears, leaving mobile vendors scrambling. The show had over 2000 vendors that were planning to attend. Smaller vendors use this conference to showcase their new products, send out press releases, and make deals with the large mobile networks who sell their products. While the show being canceled won’t hurt larger companies like Samsung and Apple, smaller companies are going to have to find a new way to get deals with the big players like Verizon and AT&T. The conference was scheduled for Feb 24-27.

Technology being put to good use

chnology being used to help guard its beloved animals. Poachers in the region work hard to try to get around what is known as Postcode Meerkat, a solar-powered, camouflaged system of radars, cameras, and sensors. These sensors can tell the difference between a person and an animal and have an infrared sensor attached. If the system senses a person in the park after dark, it alerts park rangers to their presence. The purpose? To keep out poachers that are looking to hunt the National Park’s Rhinos. The Rhino horn is a sign of wealth in some counties, and in others, it is believed to have medicinal properties. Poachers get paid good money for these horns; however, Black Rhinos are on the endangered list and White Rhinos aren’t far behind.

Since launching the Meerkat’s there has been an 80% decrease in poaching where the technology is present. There are plans to install more Meerkats throughout the park where needed, and since the technology is portable, it can be moved to the site of poacher activity. Saving the Rhino is helping the tourism industry in the park.

And that brings us to the end of today’s Tech Talk, brought to you by LA New Product Development Team. Stay tuned next week for more developments in the product world, as we keep digging through the maze of technology that floods the web. Don’t forget to drop your rating at the Alexa Skill Store, or your other favorite platform. Keep listening for shout outs as we start seeing your reviews roll in. Thanks for listening!

We invite you to Leave a comment with your thoughts, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Talk

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