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Accelerating Speed to Market

October 24, 2019

Remington Hotel & Spa | Shreveport, Louisiana

Tech to Market is a business event that brings together inventors, entrepreneurs, and local companies to discuss the business and to learn about the latest trends in technology commercialization, product development, and licensing. As a technology company, LA New Product Development Team is proud to be sponsoring this event that brings growth to our community.

Tech to Market is designed to give maximum benefits to the limited number of participants. This setup is designed to help those who choose to contribute to the movement and further expedite the growth of local startup eco-systems.

A business event like this provides an opportunity for local breakthrough ideas to be seen and brought to the global markets.

The event combines the best of an educational conference, a business trade show, and a networking event to offer startups access to resources essential for success.

With a focus on the challenges faced by local technology companies, Tech to Market provides solutions by bringing together the best experts and doers.

Inventors and entrepreneurs, technology companies, product sourcing scouts, investors, media, and support organizations come together to discuss the latest trends in product and technology commercialization.

To learn more about Tech to Market, visit www.techtomarket.net

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