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The Roles of Prototyping in Concept Design Products

Have you ever been on a call with a friend and they tried to describe something to you but you were lost? Now, compare that feeling with when they show you the image of the object described. Or better still, you get to touch it., notice how your mind rests in relief. That, you see, is the power of using prototypes for concept design products.

What is a Prototype?

A prototype is an early version of a product from which future versions are developed. And prototyping is the process of creating these models or versions of a product to see where and what can be improved upon. This is what most engineers and product developers do by creating test versions of a new product before pushing the final form into the market.

Prototyping is an integral part of product development. And in this article, you will be exposed to ways to leverage concept design services in making workable prototypes for your product. Thus, below are the benefits and best practices associated with prototyping.


  • A fuller understanding of the concept design products

People are visual by nature. They can relate more to what they see and not just what is described to them. So, if you are a concept design services company and you want to convince people of the viability of your product, you’ve got to show them a sample of it.

Through prototyping, the product development team would also be able to get a full grasp of where the product has gotten to. The slips and flops would be seen better during this product design concept rendering. And that way, possible corrections and adjustments to make would be more definite.

  • Room for user testing

Prototypes allow users to interact with your concept design products before the final rollout into the market. Thus, users are able to test out the product and see if it is something they want to use in the long term.

Furthermore, this also helps the design team to get feedback that can help the product get better.

  • Investment

Angel investors and venture capitalists are keen on seeing samples of what they want to invest in before they put their cash down. It makes them assess the viability of the product as well as the quality, usability, and functionality of the invention. Thus, a prototype gives concept design services like you an edge during pitch meetings.

  • Reduce products manufacturing error

There is always a high possibility of manufacturing error if prototyping is not done. And this is because prototyping allows for periodic checks on the progress of the product. Thus, its occasional fine-tuning is well-targeted and corrections are made as and when due.

The overall functionality and usability of your concept design products are preserved by prototyping. There is sure prevention of fatal flaws on the product this way.

Best Practices for Prototyping

These are the most advised ways to go about the act of prototyping in order to achieve premium results from this product development process. And below are some of the prototyping best practices.

  • Prioritize feedback

The major goal of prototyping is to see an overall view of the product and check out where corrections need to be made. Thus, this is the stage that requires a lot of feedback. These reviews give a perspective on how the product can get better and the design team should look to prioritize them.

  • Prototype specific areas

As an inventor, you do not have to prototype every area of your product. You can pick specific areas to review and make better. This is especially if those areas deal directly with the consumers or users of the product.

  • Get the right users for testing

Defining your target market is one of the core aspects of creating your concept design products. Not only is it useful in marketing, but it is also important during prototyping if you do concept design services. The right users would give you valuable and reliable feedback that can be infused into the product and give it a more excellent kick.

  • Pick the right prototyping tool

It is important to note that there are different prototyping forms for different kinds of products. For example, a software product has a completely different approach to its prototyping compared to a hardware product. So, pick the one that best relates to your product.

Basically, do not approach prototyping from a one-size-fits-all point of view.

Hottest Questions on the Role of Prototyping in Product Concept Design

● What is the role of prototyping in product design?

Prototyping in product design allows designers to check out new ways to achieve the same functional result with the product. It helps them to see the idea of using 3D models. And with this visualization, they are able to make necessary corrections to the product before its mass manufacturing stage.

● What is the role of a prototype in design thinking?

Design thinking is a cycle of assessment and reassessment of design concepts. That is, the designer seeks to align the product design with the expectations and ease of use for the users. Thus, prototyping is the path through which the designer picks what works and reassesses his thought process until he is satisfied with the final product.

● What are the 4 benefits of prototyping?

The major benefits of prototyping are four-fold. Many see it from the perspective of solving problems, production process management, consideration of raw materials, and quality assurance.

Final Words

Prototyping is an edge. It is a great option to explore in your product concept design stage. Not only would it give you an opportunity to reduce error, but it would also give your users the opportunity to be a part of the production process. And that wins their heart. So, you should leverage it today.

Is your company keen on transforming an idea into a product? For your product concept ideation stage, do you need full-on concept prototyping?

LA NPDT is a product development company that relishes assisting you in converting your concepts into commercial products. Our staff is ready o give you all the support you need towards achieving your goals with your customers. For any concept design needs, you may contact us at 318-243-5789 or at our website, lanpdt.com.

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