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Trending Products 2018 – Where to Invest – LA NPDT


The current trends in product development show that it evolves continuously. It’s not only about innovating but also standing out from the crowd. Now more than ever, Trending Products 2018 are changing everything.

concept design; product developments initial phase. How to do perform this phase efficiently and effectively.


3D rendering, animation, 3D models, life-like 3D renderings of multi dispenser fridge developed by LA NPDT

Smart products

Today’s products have gone far than being basic. They now incorporate electronics, and Artificial Intelligence elements also. Even basic home appliances now are also smart, and this will only continue to grow.

From the smallest inventions like smart switches to smart homes, smart products are also becoming famous. They also provide viable and easy solutions to our everyday problems. Just take an example of cell phones. Only in the last decade, they have changed our idea of a phone. Smart watches are also another marvel. You can easily communicate with your smartwatch. And also keep a track of your health and even listen to music. Now isn’t that amazing? Smart products are increasingly becoming famous. Also, their prices have dropped down over the years. They are now in reach of almost everybody.

This trend also means that hunting, fishing, health, fitness equipment and household products will continue to get smarter as Trending Products 2018. Not sure what smarter means? Think Alexa, Google home or the Fitbit.


You must have also heard about “The Internet of Things”. This is the ability to remotely control products. It is one major opportunity that Trending Products 2018  have created. A lot of new products today are developed with connectivity. Which fills the gap between developers and buyers. And this also brings us to the next massive trend…

3d rendering, animations, electronic design was developed for ICBX by LA NPDT.

Internet Of Things, Current Trends In Product Development 2018


Servitization is a new concept. It is a transformation. Where firms go an extra mile, to provide extra services for their products. A perfect example would be to buy insurance with a new car. Product developers need to add service lifecycles into the product design for this to work. The big and established multinationals will benefit more from this Trending Products 2018. So you need to keep up your pace with latest developments. So that you are not left behind. Also, keep an open-minded approach. And add value to your product.

Sustainability and responsibility

Over the years, consumer behavior has changed. Consumers are now also demanding responsibility in product design. Millennials are stepping up their game as the agents of product development change. They have taken product design approach beyond the basic question of “what problem do we need to solve”. They have gone a step further to ask “how it will positively impact the society”? and also what social responsibility can be taken on by the product’s functionality. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. For a product design to be considered, certain social principles have to be met.

3d printing process

Earlier, 3D prototypes of a product were not very common because it was costly. Today, the 3d printing process is used for almost every internal product design. The 3d printing process has also revolutionized the product design industry. And with the continuous growth and improvement of the 3D printers, the possibilities are endless. A detailed study of the product design and development process shows several ways the 3d printing process can be used by manufacturers to improve performance, innovation, and growth. This trend has been growing rapidly and we can even expect it to also completely revolutionize the Trending Products 2018.


Outsourcing is also a term that is not very well understood by all. When most people hear “outsourcing”, shoddy work, missed deadlines and also lack of responsibility often comes to mind. But this isn’t always this case. Companies have also realized now that outsourcing is also a crucial part of product development. Especially if they also aim to remain competitive in their industry. This will also lead to the induction of modern trends in product design. Because they are also able to explore diverse opinions and ideas. Outsourcing different stages of the product development to trustworthy individuals is also crucial for the creation of a viable product.

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So these are some of the trending products 2018. Keep your pace up with these trends. For more information, keep reading. You can also check other posts on our blogs.

Stay tuned to learn about marketing the existing product tips!

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