Onega Ulanova | business development

Born in Kazakhstan, Onega graduated with her Bachelor’s in Standardization, Metrology and Certification and began her professional career as a Quality Manager for a major IT company. When she moved to the U.S., Onega found herself having to build anew as she spent this time learning English and advancing her business knowledge. She soon graduated with her Masters in Engineering and Technology Management on an accelerated basis.
After the graduation, Onega joined the American Petroleum Institute as a Lead Auditor.

She was the youngest female International Lead Auditor.
In search of an entrepreneurial environment, she co-founded the LA New Product Development Team to combine her love for innovation, brand development and people.

Onega is passionate about making the world around her a better place to live and gives back through her time by volunteering. Because she believes that children are the future, she is also passionate about education and career growth for the youth. When Onega is not volunteering or meeting with her clients, you can find her doing yoga, exploring a fun new destination or spending time with her Doberman Pincher!

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