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LA New Product Development Team’s UP Dock Charging Device Takes Gold for the Best Invention Design at the iCan 2020 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada

The UP Dock charging hub for smart devices developed by the LA New Product Development Team (LA NPDT) from Shreveport, LA, was awarded the Gold Medal for the Best Invention Design at the 5th iCan 2020 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada late August this year.

Ican 2020 UPdock , lanpdt, LA New Product Development Team

iCan is an international competition of creative ideas and innovative projects that contribute to the betterment of our world. The annual event is organized by Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS). More than 180 inventions from the countries all over the planet were presented at the competition. Due to the current pandemic situation, the event was held online, but it didn’t stop the LA NPDT team from getting to the finals and winning the first prize for the Best Invention Design.

LA NPDT is Louisiana’s top invention design and development company. The team of skilled industrial engineers, creative designers, and ingenious inventors turns not only your product ideas into reality, but theirs as well. That is where the UP Dock charging station was developed.

“The idea of creating the UP Dock came from the necessity for our team to charge several micro-USB smart devices that we use on a daily basis,’ says the co-founder of LA NPDT Konstantin Dolgan, “The main goal was to create a device that would be compact, efficient, and stylish. Using our innovative prototyping product development techniques we were able to optimize the design and develop the smartpen dock that charges three up-right gadgets at once, keeps your space organized, and adds uniqueness to your working environment.”

UP Dock Features and Functionality

  • The dock connects to an outlet through the main USB port, which distributes power over three micro-USB ports pointed upward.
  • All ports transmit power and data, so you can charge your devices and download at the same time.
  • It has a built-in power surge protection and rigid construction with balanced weight distribution designed for great stability even with plugged-in heavy gadgets.
  • It can be used for charging: styluses, pointers, electric screwdrivers, remote controllers, E-cigarettes, vapes, smartpens (like Neo smartpen, Livescribe, Thinkpen, Moleskine), and other micro-USB devices.

Up dock, lanpdt, la new product development team

“Our team is very humbled to receive such a prestigious award for the product that we put our time and efforts into developing. We love what we do. And such recognitions, like from the TISIAS, only ignite more creativity and perseverance to keep contributing to society and the world as a whole,” concluded Konstantin.


LA NPDT is an invention design and development company based in Shreveport, LA. The team provides one-stop shop experience for individual entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and corporations. Their highly professional services include industrial design, innovative prototyping product development, small batch manufacturing, marketing, and more. They are creative problem-solvers and innovators who bring product ideas to reality.

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LA New Product Development Team is a comprehensive product development firm, offering services from idea generation and product design to manufacturing and marketing. LANPDT collaborates with startups and established businesses to transform concepts into market-ready innovations.

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