Website companies know that turning an idea into a
twenty-first-century reality means developing an online presence with web development services.




In the twenty-first century world of business, you only exist if you’re on the internet. It’s not enough for your product to be on store shelves. In this Internet Age, people Google the things they want.

So if your business isn’t online, it’s not just a matter of getting updated. Web development services connect your business to the world, help you work better, and give you opportunities to find new customers.


A website is primarily a way of communicating a message to reach your intended audience. In your business, that message consists of the purpose and benefits of your product. And an online platform is a great opportunity to broadcast your message through a medium that is entirely within your control.  

LA NPDT’s web development services go hand in hand with the other services we provide because we start projects at their very first, conceptual stages. We can communicate your message with a real understanding of how your product functions. And we can envision it in all of the different phases it will undergo in its development.

One of the most important of these phases is the online debut.  


Of course, the function of your website is not limited to providing information. It can serve as a hub for all of your different communication channels.

Your business’s social media accounts, for example, can connect to your website. It’s also possible to connect with customers on your website through email and direct messaging. Business transactions can even connect to your website if you choose to include e-commerce in your plans for web development services.

Maybe your customers need to register online to use your product. Or maybe your product would improve with an internet connection. Either way, a user interface through which your customers could gain online access to your product is another way that web design and development can improve your business.


When you look for a website company to hire, it’s important to remember that there are several different specialties involved in web development services. Graphic design, marketing, coding, SEO, and content writing are all distinct fields. Professionals from all of these fields have formal training in their own specialties, all of which contribute to the project. In fact, over the course of web design and development, ten to fifteen people will work on building your website.

Obviously, you have your own business to run, and you don’t have time to manage an extra set of people or even more than one company. That’s why hiring a single website company with a cross-functional team is the best option. Professionals in this team work together not only so that the website can be a smoothly-run, cohesive product but also because they do their best work when they can learn from each other.


When you choose a website company, it’s important to consider how accessible they are.

Have a face-to-face conversation, either in person or through a video conference to talk about their web development services.

At this meeting, they will likely show you examples of their earlier work, but you should also remember to ask them about their process.

You will be working closely with this website company so it is important to be sure that they will be in touch with you.


In web design and development, a professionally constructed website will reflect well on your product and your business.

Online consumers can tell the difference between a website you made yourself and professional web development services.

Consumers form an opinion of your professionalism and your product’s quality based on how your website looks and how easily they can use it.

This is how they will decide if your product seems like it might be worth researching, sharing, or purchasing.


To get the most out of web development services, make sure that you are on the same page as the website company. At the outset, explain what you’re looking for and provide examples of your likes and dislikes. After web design and development has begun, ask to give feedback early on and continue to do so often. Of course, when you do so, remember that you are looking at rough drafts, not the finished product.

The purpose of this is to make sure that the website company is headed in the right direction, not that they immediately finish the entire project. However, the fact that such an intimate understanding of your business and your product is required for web development services means that it will save time and expense to hire a website company that has worked with your product for some time.



At LA NPDT, we recognize that your website is a representation of your business as well as an asset. Web design and development should allow your website to be a place where you can do business and a tool that makes your business work better.

On average, it takes us about three to four weeks to complete web design and development for a website featuring a product, and the cost of web development services tends to range from $2,500 to $8,000 depending on the product’s complexity. We also provide a consultation on how to use your completed website, offer 24/7 support, and complete small updates for free.


One online visit should be enough for someone new to walk through your door or give you a call. Our web development experts can make that happen, so please contact us! We look forward to learning about what you do and giving you the tools you need to help your business reach its full potential.

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