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Website Development Services LA at the Office Hub

Recently, we organized an informative seminar on website development services LA. Konstantin Dolgan our CEO chaired the proceedings. He also delivered a motivational lecture to the attendees. The seminar was primarily focused on web design services la. The session was very informative. Web Design Course by Konstantin Dolgan at the Office Hub
Konstantin designed this one-day training course for entrepreneurs. And also for others interested in learning how to start building websites, and online stores.
And also how to promote them online. A large audience attended the seminar.
The event was namedDIY Website 101” and it was held at the Office Hub in Shreveport, LA.
In that class students learned about:
  • How to set up a website hosting
  • How to purchase a domain name
  • What website development platforms are available
  • How to set up E-commerce
  • Plugins, widgets, and other functionality-related tools
  • How to add meaningful and engaging content
  • How to generate traffic and promote websites (SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Ads)

Few of the takeaways from the seminar were:

Website Development Services LA

For webdesign services, always keep your customers in mind. Creating an attractive website is not enough. To compete in today’s marketplace, you need to do a lot more. Any product design company should focus on user experience, SEO, and also the technical details.
Our CEO described the importance of a good team. A great team is the backbone of any product design company. Effective team building also goes a long way in securing success. It is really important to build an effective team.
Every website development follows a certain roadmap. It all begins with a clear objective and a roadmap. The website development services include brainstorming for the new ideas. These ideas can then lead to meaningful content in no time. In short, website development services start with a documented plan. Follow the plan in true letter and spirit.
Our CEO emphasized that the most important step for any web application development services is planning. This is where a sitemap is laid out for all the tasks that need to be performed. It also includes collecting data and organizing it. If your planning is not correct, all following steps will go to waste.
Next phase is to follow the plan. Design a website in a user-friendly manner. And finally, new content is added to the website. Your website should be engaging. It should also appeal directly to your market. Webdesign services are improving day by day. It is also important that a product design company keep up with the new trends.

OfficeHub Place

Our CEO conducted the seminar at our OfficeHub place in Shreveport, LA. OfficeHub is a leading website that offers shared working offices. It is also very famous among new business owners. You can find a workplace of your liking. And that too at reasonable rates. There are many services that are also offered. OfficeHub offers free WiFi, conference room and also an outdoor area. You don’t even need to step out for a coffee break. To keep the workers happy, free coffee and snacks are also provided.
If you are looking for a place to operate a successful business, then you are in luck. OfficeHub offers all the resources needed for a business to operate successfully. You can choose luxurious, well-furnished workplaces to meet your needs. To top it off, OfficeHub offers round the clock customer support.
The seminar was a success. The success of this training course ensured that we will have more events like this soon. Stay tuned for more updates!
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