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What are the Several Ways to Invent and Manufacture New Products?

Have you ever heard of the clause, “ideas rule the world?” Well, how viable is this claim? It seems true, though, that before anything is done on how to invent a new product, the thought would have dropped in the human mind. 

However, do ideas really rule the world or the application of these ideas? The fact remains that ordinary ideas left untapped would remain just thoughts until anyone picks them up and nurses them. 

The same thing applies to the invention. That you have a product idea alone does not cut it. You must be ready to learn the several ways involved in how to invent a new product. 

And guess what? That is what this article is all about. So, make sure you read till the end without skipping any part. 

Dear inventor, you need this. 

What Are the Ways to Invent And Manufacture New Products?

If you are looking to get your invention to the production line, there are a few boxes you must tick first. These boxes are the different stages of conversion of the product idea into a finished product. And they typically include: 


Invention starts in the mind and ends in the production line. However, to get all the needed pieces of materials and the outlook of the product together, you must be ready to document every possible thing. 

Documentation involves writing down everything that comes to your mind about the invention idea. That is, the how, the what, and the why of the invention. You could write as much as the materials you think would best fit into its production. 

At this phase, you could sketch the needed details about the product. You could also highlight the modalities of the entire production process. That would make the journey to final production seamless. 

Here’s a tip – write your idea down and mail it to yourself in a sealed envelope or via email. That way, you would have your dated proof of your invention’s conception. 


Here is where you do some level of market research on your target market’s opinion of your product idea. It matters what they think because it would influence your adjustments in the entire production process. 

How to invent a product is incomplete without this process. You could get feedback from your market through online polls, asking on a platform like Reddit, or getting a small group together and getting their candid thoughts about the invention idea. 


If you are asking, “why is it important for me to create a prototype of my invention?” then this is for you. Learning how to prototype an invention allows you to see the product in 3D before mass production. And that is such a big deal. 

First, you get to see your idea first-hand. It becomes a ‘living thing’ to you, not just a thought or sketch. And at this phase, more people can believe in the product’s viability in the market. Especially investors. 

Also, do not file for a patent until you have learned how to prototype an invention. This is because once you file for invention, adding the final edits and adjustments to the patent claim and specification might be hard in the long run. So, you might risk losing the new design’s patent rights to a different person.  


This is your safety net to recoup all the capital you invested into the production process and more. With a patent, you get exclusive rights over your invention for a specific period when it can be released to the public. In most countries, the protection spans an average of 20 years. 

You could also file for industrial design protection, even though it comes jointly with a patent in most states. However, note that you must do your homework before filing for a patent. Get a patent professional or intellectual property legal practitioner as well as your inventor’s journal, prototype, and notes ready with you. 


This is the most-looked-out-for aspect of the entire production journey. And here we are now. At this stage, it is pertinent that you get the right factory that would work on the manufacturing. 

Your invention requires stable and best-fitting materials. Thus, your sourcing phase coincides with this as well. The supplier chain, shipping, warehousing, etc., are covered here in this phase. 

Note that manufacturing essentially entails making mass production of the final prototype. Thus, only mass produce after you have made a complete adjustment to the prototype or model you have at hand. 


Marketing starts with a plan. It involves making a plan for selling your product to people. This way, your target audience would become aware of the product launch and how to access it for purchase. 

It also involves convincing people to see your invention as a necessity so much until they purchase it. 

Also, you could market your invention to persons who are in related industries to yours. That way, you could license the product to them and earn royalties from the arrangement.

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Biggest Questions about Developing New Ideas

What is the new product development process?

This is the process of taking a product from conception or idea mode to market. The stages involve usually start with ideation and concept generation and end with the product's introduction to the market.

What are the 7 stages in the new product development?

The seven stages involved in product development include ideation, research, planning, prototyping, sourcing, costing, and commercialization.

What is the process of creating a new product?

Creating a new product is not child's play. It involves getting an idea to work with them to develop the same conception. It essentially involves stages like patenting, sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing which are integral to the product’s success in the market.

There are several ways to invent a product. But none of them are void of the stages mentioned above. So, if you long for how to invent a product, they are highlighted above for your product’s success. Take these pathways to product development and see your invention fly in the market!

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