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What is Concept Design?

What is Concept Design?


concept design; product developments initial phase. How to do perform this phase efficiently and effectively.


Concept design is the early phase of product development where the concept is planned. Consider various aspects of the product are in this design phase. Such as technology, styling, usability and the user experience. The lead designer starts the products design’s creation. The designer sketches multiple ideas for the product or parts without too much detail. This way, they are able to explore the boundaries of the product’s possibilities. They establish what works and what doesn’t. They also view the most appropriate layout that best fits the product and appeals to the target market.

Then look at thoroughly and seriously consider several ideas. Only after freely exploring so many other options. Select the best ideas as the most likely product concepts. Try to eliminate uncertainty by this point in the process. This is where an even more detailed comparison begins. The varying characteristics and functions now become key factors to consider.

The conceptual design phase is an important product development stage. Study and break down the product idea in this design phase. The aim is to create sketches and specifications for technical and commercial valuation. Select one concept from all the options to move forward for design development.

Determine the practicability of the product idea with the concepts below:


 Customer Needs

capturing the target customers needs and wants is important in the modern day economy.

The development team has a major responsibility. The team must propose a design that meets the needs of the users at this conceptual phase.  They must review other existing products to understand the competitive landscape. Even while considering competitive offerings to determine if the design offers better value or solution to a problem. It could be a really expensive mistake to provide a design that doesn’t meet the needs of the customers. The designers must make a decision to end the project or at least halt it momentarily. Only if they observe that the commercial future of the project is uncertain.



The practical feasibility of creating different products must be studied by the development team. The team must carefully calculate the estimated cost of developing, manufacturing, and marketing a product. Compare its potential value to its clients against the feasible price point currently achievable. Also, the team has the responsibility of examining the technical feasibility of the product. To aid in determining if the available workforce has the capacity to develop and manufacture such a product. The time frame projections are important because it helps with planning. This could help layout realistic launch dates. Knowing when you can launch will aid in your strategy moving forward.


 Technical Stretch

technical stretch is necessary component of product development in many industries.

According to Synthesis Engineering Services, the level of technical stretch is a crucial factor. The designers must view and consider it honestly. It is at this stage that they have to decide out of the two paths. The designers determine if a certain technology has to be manufactured in the build-up to the product. They also consider if the available technology can meet the performance objectives of the desired product. If a new technology is needed, the designers have to consider if the technology can be sourced externally.  This may be needed due to the resources and time that will be consumed building the necessary technology.



PTC, a design software company did a survey and discovered that a significant portion of the development cost is committed during the design phase. 61% percent of respondents noted that about two-thirds of the product’s development costs are committed at the concept stage. 43% of the respondents saw 71% of their overall product cost is decided after concluding the design phase. This implies an uneasy truth. Before the development of the product begins, poor decisions at the conceptual design phase could result in wasted resources.


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