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What is the Path from an Idea to the Production of a New Product?

What is the Path from an Idea to the Production of a New Product?

Have you ever had a product idea pop into your mind before? Did it feel good? Sure, it must have. 

Many of us look forward to the ‘aha’ moment every day. However, the real job remains how to bring the light bulb idea into people’s hands physically. 

Do you struggle with how to invent a product? Or do you just want to know more about the entire process of how to invent a product? Then make sure you read this article till its wrap-up. 

What Is The Path From An Idea To The Production Of a New Product?

Before engaging the paths that lead to having to invent a product, it is important to consider what a product idea entails. This is because, without it, there would not be conversations about anything else in the entire product development process.

So, what is a product idea? It is the initial concept or plan for a new item that a company can produce and sell in a particular market. Usually, it outlays the purpose of the product as well as its features. Sometimes, the idea consists of the design elements that would go into it, such as the mechanical or engineering parts.  

However, the movement from the light bulb moment to prototyping and then the final product is systematic. And anybody can pull it off with the right mindset, knowledge, and resources. The processes involved in how to invent include:

Product Development

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the whole process. And that is because it sets the ball of production rolling. And it all has to do with fine-tuning the initial product concept. 

At this stage of how to invent a product, you are concerned with strategizing how the entire production process would go. And that includes the final process of production.  

Here, you generally craft the design of the invention. A sketch of the entire product, the how-to-operate manual, the kinds of manufacturers that would work on it, the type of materials that would be used in the production, and so on. And inventor’s journal could be really helpful here as it contains a drawing grid, product development guidelines, and essential patent documents. 

Patent Research

Your invention must be new, come from an inventive process, and has industrial applicability. Most inventors, however, miss it with the first requirement. So, you must do patent research to avoid issues. 

Patenting your idea means that you are protecting it to enjoy exclusive rights over it as a business or individual. Thus, bad actors in the industry would not steal your product or invention idea and file for a patent before you. 

Also, when you want to invent a product, you must do patent research so that you would not be infringing on a patent already in existence. The last thing you want on your hands is a court case because of your ‘invention’. 

Market Research

Here is where you evaluate whether or not your product has viability in the market. And how best to do this than ask the market itself. Market research saves you from tons of expenses and unnecessary expectations. 

Interact with your target market and check their opinion of your product. Do they see it as essential or important enough that they can pay for it? Or are there some things you can change in your approach or design that would make them more receptive to it?

These questions and many more are what market research helps you to achieve. You would be able to get premium opinions from your to-be end users and target market. And you would be able to make adjustments where necessary. 


This stage involves the execution of the product prototype design. The latter is part of the things you would have noted during the strategy or product development phase. Thus, the details for producing this model are on ground, waiting to be implemented. 

Building a prototype is very important because it helps you to see what the product looks like in 3D. Things move from sketch to concreteness, here. You can hire a professional prototype developer to help you with this phase if you are concerned about how to make an invention prototype. 

Thus, you would be able to make necessary corrections to your model as fitting for final production. Also, here, you would be able to test the materials you envisioned for the project or examine a series of different options. In all, this is the testing stage before you move into full-blown manufacturing. 

You should also note that you would need a prototype to convince most investors. It shows them that you are working with a viable product as a company seeking funding. What better way to determine the prospects of your invention than seeing it up close?


Research and determine a manufacturing company that best suits your production needs. At this phase, it would be smart to also get suppliers, shipping companies, warehousing, etc. that can get the job done to your satisfaction.  

What is done here is to simply start mass production of the final prototype. This features a model that has gone through refinements and other final touches. 


This is the last phase where people become aware of your product and how it works. This introduction to the public also comes with an invitation to use the invention and purchase it. That way, your target market would be able to enjoy the product and give you cash value in return. 

You could hire a product development or marketing company to handle this part of the business for you. It helps you to focus on the production. It also helps you to perfect your craft while on the product journey.

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Biggest Questions On What Is The Path From An Idea To The Production Of a New Product

How do you get a product from idea to production?

The steps to invent a product is idea documentation, market research, prototyping, patenting, and marketing your invention. These processes flow from one to the other and are not simultaneous. Understanding this helps to effectively deliver a seamless product development process.

What are the 7 stages of a new product development process?

The 7 stages involved in product development are idea generation, strategy & screening, prototyping, business plan development, market testing as well as the final phase which is the product launch.

What is the process of creating a new product?

It does not take much to get a product idea, but creating the idea into a concrete product requires some intentional stages. And they include the ideation stage which revolves around the generation of a product idea. Then we have the other stages such as research, planning, prototyping, sourcing, and costing.


Have you got a product idea? Great! However, you must learn to develop it into a finished product. And how do you go about that? The procedures needed to invent product has been stated above. Engage them and see your idea come alive optimally. 

Are you looking for a reputable company that would help you to scale your product idea from sketch to the factory? Then your search has ended! LA NPDT is a team of ever-ready hands and minds willing to take your product development to the next level. We have many services available for you, including our flagship CAD models and PCB circuits, building prototypes, and a host of others. Reach out to us today through a direct call at 318-243-5789 or via lanpdt.com.

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