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6 Warning Signs Your Invention Is In Danger of Being Stolen

Inventors have a lot of ideas in mind, and they are doing their best to translate this idea into reality. Most of the time, the inventors would apply for a patent for the device or the idea that they formulated, but there are instances wherein their ideas are being stolen to create a similar device. There are things to consider after creating your invention, like applying for patents with the specific office and tracking down the internet to see if there are similar devices that came out copying the invention that you made. Once the proper trademark or patent has been established for the device or the idea, you have the right to file a lawsuit against any product released in the market that bears a resemblance to the product or idea that you created. Strong cases against trademark infringement could result in millions of dollars being awarded to you, as a payment for the damages of stealing your idea. The following list provides tips on how an inventor can determine if their invention is being copied or taken without their consent.

You Haven’t Patented It Yet

If you recently created an invention and the product is not yet patented, it has a considerable chance of being stolen. Inventions that are not patented has the tendency to be copied or taken by anyone around the world, and they can reproduce your idea without your consent. In most extreme cases wherein the product was not patented, the idea thief would register the invention under his or her name, profiting from the idea that was initially not from them. The original creator of the device won’t’ be able to do anything because the idea thief was the first one to register the device.

You Announced It To The Public

Your invention might be in danger of being stolen if you had announced it to the public before. As more people are becoming aware of your product, idea thieves are trying to observe how they can steal the design of the product you are trying to introduce. Idea thieves would also visit any event which would showcase your invention, just for them to copy the fundamental mechanisms that make it work. After they obtained these pieces of information, the idea thieves will start building their own versions of the product and patent it for their convenience.

The Design Has Been Shown To The Public

Avoid displaying confidential information to the public, especially if your design itself hasn’t been patented. It includes the complete set of plans for an invention, as idea thieves could get their hands on your blueprint and steal the design or the idea that you have. To avoid it from happening, try to refrain from uploading any confidential information that could lead to data leaks.

Plenty of Counterfeit Versions

You would know if your product’s specifications and its mechanism have been stolen if you started seeing counterpart versions of it on the internet. Some ecommerce websites would also display your invention, but despite the same design, it would bear lower prices, and you are not credited as the inventor, as the ideas to create them are stolen.

You Didn’t Associate Your Name With The Product

It is important for inventors to associate the product, device, or idea that they created to their names. Inventors who failed to associate the device or idea that they created can face the threat of having their inventions stolen by somebody else. They could avoid that scenario if they were proactive in promoting security for ideas.

You Gave Out Too Much Information

You should not trust anyone, and you should not give confidential information about your product to people whom you do not trust. If there is a lot of information that has been given already to your competitors, chances are, the idea you created can be stolen by those who have heard you speak, or even saw one of your prototypes.  


For inventors, they should always work with the patent office to make sure that every idea that they have in mind would immediately be registered under their name. They should also be wary about the rise of the idea thieves in the 21st century. Inventors must also be vigilant to avoid having their inventions being stolen. The rising number of cases of idea theft has prompted several associations of inventors to band together and protect their members from being a target of an idea thief. They are also working closely with the government and the law enforcement so that they can immediately report anyone who will try to steal the idea that has been previously patented.
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