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Describing Your Way to Success

la new product development team The factor that distinguishes an idea from an invention is this: an idea simply lingers- stagnant and unacted upon; an invention exists. Just about anybody can be an inventor. You observe a problem, conceive a solution… But all too often, the ideation process quickly comes to a screeching halt, the idea to be shelved away and forgotten about in a matter of weeks. The process doesn’t need to stop here! There are some ways to describe and define your product, instantly propelling your business idea to the next level. Three primary ways, besides rapid prototyping, are available to identify your product: text, visuals, and spoken word. We are going to evaluate each of these avenues, providing you with new ideas and insight that will drive your concept forward.


Business Plan:

At some point, every concept needs a detailed plan. Be sure to describe the ownership, define the category your business belongs to, devise a problem statement and your solution, and fully explain your business operations.

Short Descriptions:

Brief descriptions are ideal for promotional material and social media. Achieving this within two sentences should help hone in and highlight the scope of your concept. The rule of three is a good rule of thumb: limit your info to only three points or less. People have short attention spans, so make the most of every word.


A slogan is a memorable phrase often designed in conjunction with marketing campaigns and logos. Think of all of the slogans you encounter on a daily basis… Nike’s “Just do it”; McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”; Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now?” Slogans are memorable, distinguish your brand, highlight benefits, and create a positive impression of your business. Ensure that you give this project enough time. Brainstorming can be tedious, but it’s well worth the work.

Long Stories:

Some concepts require more than a brief description or slogan. Depending on your idea or business, a long story may be supremely beneficial to create and draw consumer interest. Based upon your unique clientele, you may want to write a story that tugs on a customer’s heartstrings or impresses them with cunning logic. Ultimately, evaluate your story on three components: ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, pathos is an appeal to emotion, and logos is an appeal to logic. Example.


Sells sheets:

A sell sheet is a culmination of both visuals and text. It is typically a one-page document that features a picture of the product, a brief description, specifications, and a list of features and benefits. These are usually distributed through the mail, via email, or as a handout, with the goal of encouraging other parties to buy or publicize the product.


A promo-video is an excellent way to highlight both your concept and your company. It enables you to communicate key messages and once produced can be widely distributed at a minimal cost.

Spoken Word

The Elevator Speech:

Every inventor or business owner needs an elevator speech. This short pitch is simply a clear, concise message about you and your idea. Usually about 30 seconds to a minute, the elevator speech is the perfect tool to have ready at all times.


A good business pitch is one of the best ways to capture the attention of investors and potential customers. A pitch needs to be captivating, informative, and to the point. If fitting, lead the presentation with a relatable story. Inspire confidence in your product with honesty and facts. Provide significant details, but leave fillers at the door.


A presentation is a pitch but more detailed and informative. As with a pitch, only include relevant, significant information. But feel free to dive more deeply into facts, consumer experience, potential outcomes, etc. These are just a few of the options you have when defining and presenting your concept. Whichever avenue you choose, make sure to proofread, practice, and perfect.
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