3D Printing Training Course: Intro & Hands-on

    3D Printing Training Course by LA New Product Development Team

    3D Printing Training Course by LA New Product Development Team

    3D Printing Training Course: Introduction and Personal Hands-on Experience.

    The 3D printing technology is progressing increasingly fast. Numerous companies around the world invest billions of dollars into research and development of 3D printing related equipment, software and materials. Every day more and more companies adopt 3D printing as a tool for product design, prototyping and manufacturing. This increasing application of 3D printing resulted in high demand on employees who know how to use a 3D-printer. According to the recent data reported by Wanted Analytics, a global talent marketplace analyzing company,

    35 percent of all engineering jobs now require 3D printing skills. At the same time companies experience difficulties finding candidates with the required skills.

    The 3D printing training offered by LA New Product Development Team will provide you with essential 3D printing knowledge and skills. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate. This will give you an obvious advantage over other job candidates and will open doors to many interesting opportunities working at top-tier companies.


    • Overview of the manufacturing industry and technologies
    • Evolution of digital fabrication
    • Current 3D printing technologies and materials. Their advantages, limitations and appropriate applications
    • Current and emerging 3D printing applications
    • Evaluate real-life scenarios and recommend the appropriate use of 3D printing technology
    • How to save time and cost with application of 3D printing
    • Economic limitations of 3D printing including its impact on start-up businesses and supply chains
    • Basics of computer-aided design (CAD)
    • 3D printing hardware (“anatomy” of a 3D printer)
    • 3D printing related software
    • 3D model preparation and repair
    • 3D model positioning and orientation on the build tray
    • Typical practical problems and hurdles associated with 3D printing. Troubleshooting
    • How to make money with 3D printing
    • The future of fabrication: 4D Printing


    • Design a product using 3D CAD software
    • Install and set-up a 3D printer
    • Basic maintenance of a 3D printer
    • Design and print objects of different complexity
    • Post-processing 3D printed objects


    Participants of the Introduction to 3D Printing course may include designers, engineers, operations managers, QC/QA specialists, corporate executives, and other professionals who want to gain more knowledge about 3D printing technologies and develop new skills to grow their careers in fields such as new product development, engineering, design, operations, supply chain, manufacturing, and business development.


    • Basic computer knowledge (installing and running programs)
    • Using internet
    • Basic knowledge of 3D CAD will be a plus but not required



    Day 1: Saturday, ‎September 10, ‎2016, ‏‎9 AM – 5 PM
    Day 2: Sunday, ‎September 11, ‎2016, ‏‎1 PM – 5 PM

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