Idea Evaluation Services

So, you have a brand-new idea. Is it fit for the marketplace? You need our idea evaluation services!

However, the marketplace can be tough. Your entry barrier is dependent upon whether or not your idea is needed and understood, regardless how innovative and fantastic it is.

That’s why LA NPDT provides clients with a suite of idea evaluation services, including prior art searches, competition analysis, driven marketing research to identify target audiences, surveys to collect your audience’s needs, strategies to meet those needs and continuous product analysis to make sure your goals are consistently met

If you understand the market, your idea will have a higher chance of success

What you may need:

  • Prior Art Search
  • Market Search
  • Marketing Research
  • Potential Customer Survey
  • Strategy Development
  • Product Analysis

Turn your dreams into reality!

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How we can help you in addition to it?

-Development: Whether you are looking to develop a product, a website, or mobile or proprietary software, LA NPDT can leverage your ideations with a wealth idea evaluation innovative approaches to help you implement content that can conquer the market.

-Design: LA NPDT offers a suite of services that cover the entire design process, including concept design, to mechanical and electric design, graphic design, web design, and app design.

-3D Services: Services like 3-D printing, 3-D modeling and animation, and 3-D scanning are starting to see more and more prevalence across the marketplace, and LA NPDT’s cutting-edge team of experts utilizes these services to help you visualize and implement the best fit strategy to help you accomplish your goals.

-Technical: If you have a design ready for prototyping, you are going to need to run your IP through a series of stringent evaluations, and LA NPDT has the technical evaluation, prototyping, and CAD skills you need to bring your design to life.

-Other: As your ideations and intellectual properties come together in the most compelling way, LA NPDT will be able to fast-track marketing, reputation management, professional training courses to make sure every person on your team and across your organization is prepared to help your content and strategy succeed at the highest level.

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