What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is a network of physical devices sharing data with each other wirelessly. The connected devices collect data using a variety of sensors. Top IoT companies organize collected data in a user-friendly fashion to provide helpful information on the state of your product, equipment, or company. Exciting possibilities arise with internet of things development, and IoT developers can help you take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

Here is how Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web explains the benefits of Internet of Things development:


Is IoT Suitable for Your Business?

Before you decide to implement an IoT system, you may want to find out if it will be beneficial for your business. If your company is experiencing disorganization, miscommunication, waste of resources, or loss of productivity, an IoT developer could benefit you greatly. Businesses relying on technology and equipment can significantly improve their capabilities and productivity by hiring a top IoT company.

Before committing to Internet of Things development with an IoT developer, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How (in what ways) can you utilize Internet of Things development in your organization?
    • What are the implementation risks?
    • Do you have the infrastructure in place or would you need to build or upgrade it?
    • How many devices can be connected to your current network?
    • How can it impact your business productivity and bottom line?

It’s understandable if you’re still unsure about working with an IoT developer. Let’s explore some specific applications:

Manufacturing, Machining, and Equipment/Machinery Industry


Top IoT companies can help you identify what is causing you to lose money or waste resources. This can be done in many ways including monitoring energy-consumption, resource usage, and equipment/employee productivity to produce an optimal environment for cost-efficiency. In addition, IoT developers can monitor every step of the process and identify impediments in productivity.


With IoT developers’ services, managers will be able to monitor the amount of accidents and near-misses during any given period and identify outliers to improve the safety of their workers.

The data from internet of things development can be broken down into accident location and environmental conditions to provide insight on a solution path.


IoT developers can help decrease human involvement by constantly monitoring equipment performance and giving useful feedback.

This can be used to see degeneration and predict failure of equipment as well as provide defect reduction.


Monitoring & Analysis: Oil & Gas companies have been exploring and exploiting hydrocarbons in most diverse geographical locations onshore & offshore. The leading companies in this industry utilize IoT enabled equipment to:

  • Monitor the concentration of gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide to maintain the proper levels in your system
  • Identify and locate critical leaks in subsea pipelines to prevent pipe breakage and loss of assets
  • Map out Oil & Gas exploration areas, exploration results, and test results to identify areas rich in oil and gas, and keep this data organized

All this data gives producers a more detailed and accurate understanding of their current operations.

Proactive Maintenance: the most prominent problem affecting production in gas wells is liquid loading. To combat this, Oil and gas companies combine IoT, machine learning, and the cloud computing for greater management of remote facilities and tank collection sites. The data from an IoT system can be used to promptly address equipment issues such as incorrect pipe sizing. Proactive maintenance through IoT reduces the risk of equipment failure, creating a more substantial environment.


Oil and gas wells form an important element of upstream sector. A wellhead blowout is a serious problem making wellhead monitoring another essential and crucial activity not only for safe operation and productivity but also for extending the production life of the wells. Wellhead monitoring accounts for parameters such as pressure and temperature. An IoT system can use this data to predict wellhead blowout in the future or warn about other productivity and reliability related issues.

Healthcare, Consulting, and Service Industry

Adjust to Connected Customers: It is important to note that the Internet of Things does not only apply to “things” such as object’s or machines but also to people. IoT developers can provide technology that monitors human behavior just as well. In many business settings, it is beneficial to know customer behavior. This type of data can be used to predict customer expectations and identify marketing strategies.

Improve Health Monitoring: The benefits of human behavior monitoring can and have been seen in the healthcare industry. Wearable technology can monitor heart-rate, exercise frequency, and other patterns to identify and predict health problems.

Stay Organized and Informed: The ability to stay informed encompasses all aspects of IoT. It reduces the amount of miscommunication and serves as a concrete reference to the state of your product or business. It provides detailed and organized analyses for your convenience. This is especially helpful for those who travel often or operate from a remote location and need a quick and easy access to the critical data.

Addressing the Challenges of IoT Product Design with an IoT Developer

The next step after deciding that your product or business can benefit from using the Internet of Things concept is considering how to execute your system’s development. Connecting separate elements into an IoT system requires an IoT developer to have a holistic approach.

It needs to encompass all the aspects of the system, including the hardware, the software (front and back end), and the infrastructure. All the parts need to be compatible so that they could communicate flawlessly.

It’s important to have control over the development process; however, managing so many moving interconnected parts is not a small feat.

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