Electronic Design – ICBX – Rollin Cold!

Electronic Design – ICBX – Rollin Cold!


ICBX, a company based in Shreveport, LA that develops refrigeration solutions for automobiles as well as other accessories.


ICBX delivered their initial prototype to us to evaluate and develop the following solutions: redesign the product to make it manufacturable, appropriate electronic product design, develop a functional and appealing refrigerator design, create an energy-efficient cooling system, and ensure that the ICBX will be adaptable to several popular truck models.


Once the prototype was delivered we went straight to work on electronic product development. Both teams came together to determine the necessary features for the electronic product design. We focused on the features that would provide the most value to our target customer. One of these features is the mobile app that allows you to control the ICBX remotely. We utilized the best insulator available, aerogel, notably used in spacecraft. This was used to create an effective refrigerator design as well as make manufacturing easier. We also analyzed several trucks within our target market to ensure the ICBX can be properly installed into all of them.

The Result

Through our electronic product development efforts, we were able to design an ICBX that is reliable, efficient, and effective. This project was a true team effort between the two companies. The ICBX can be reserved at www.icbx.co!

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