Are you seeking guidance in turning your idea into a well-rounded concept the market can relate to?

Team up with us!

Product design is complicated. If you’re unfamiliar with the landscape of modeling and design, it can feel completely overwhelming.

LA NPDT makes it simple for you, creating detailed hand sketches, renderings, 3-D modeling, CAD designs, animations, virtual reality product simulations and more.

We produce a digital version of your product  for you to interact with in the same way your future customers will.

Industrial Design

We expertly design products to bring your concept –your vision– to life. From napkin sketch to creation, our streamlined process delivers attractive ergonomic solutions with an emphasis on user experience.

Mechanical Design

Our engineering team handles all phases from prototyping and sourcing materials to patents and production. Our thorough process ensures prime functionality and performance, enabling a successful launch of new products.

Electrical Design

We utilize the latest technology to custom design and deliver engaging market-ready products. Our repertoire of offerings includes circuit design, custom PCB, product structure, and IoT.

Invention Design

Our product design strategy implements a proven system to take your idea from start to finish. We design and develop your invention, protect your intellectual property through patenting guidance, build prototypes, and pitch your invention for licensing and investors.




What is the process?

  • After we review your product idea and design requirements and thoroughly understand your goals, we will compile a complimentary product development plan specifically tailored to your case. That document will include an outline of all steps needed to get you from point A to point Z. Each step outlines the price and timeline.

How much do your services cost?

  • We provide an estimate at the beginning of each project. You pay only what is quoted. We never charge hourly fees, as we believe you should only pay for the end result.

How long does it take?

Designing a product from start to finish typically takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on its complexity.

Can you build a prototype of my design?

Yes, we can build a range of prototypes, including mechanical and electrical functional prototypes. We use rapid prototyping technologies, including 3D printing, CNC machining, silicon rubber molding, laser cutting and more.

What kind of products have you designed before?

We specialize in mechanical products including tools, mechanisms, machinery and other. Also we are experienced in electrical products including IOT (internet of things) devices, wearable gadgets and wireless gadgets.

Do you do patents?

We can perform a thorough initial art and market search for you, but do not write or file patent applications. We can refer you to our vetted and trusted network of patent attorneys and agents.

Do you have engineers and designers in house?

Yes, we do. Our staff includes engineers and designers with graduate degrees (MS and PHDS) and extensive industry experience.

Who will own the design?

Everything our team designs for you will belong to you.

Do you sign a Confidentiality or Nondisclosure Agreement?

Yes, we do. View our standard Nondisclosure Agreement here.

What would I get as an outcome?

We will provide you with CAD 3d models, 2d drawings and photorealistic renderings. Optionally, we can also provide you with 3D animations and VR (virtual realities), BoM (Bill of material) and more.

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