I Love Louisiana Decal (Car Sticker)

I Love Louisiana Decal (Car Sticker)


To design a new car sticker logo design that would express love to Louisiana. The decal needed to include symbols characterizing the unique culture of Louisiana, the statement “I Love Louisiana“, and the statement “Designed by LA NPDT”. The last statement had to be “integrated” into the main image. The decal was meant to be single- or double-colored and made using vinyl cutters.


The purpose of the decal was to promote LA NPDT using a non-conventional advertisement method, a new car sticker logo design. The decal was supposed to be distributed to Louisiana residents for free. The main challenge was associated with integrating the “Designed by LA NPDT” statement into the main figure of the image as it significantly increased the production difficulty. This challenge was overcome using creative thinking, extensive graphic design skills, and numerous iterations.



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