Bluejay Lunch Box. Product design, 3D & 2D CAD

Bluejay Lunch Box. Product design, 3D & 2D CAD


Bluejay Box, inventors and entrepreneurs.


To design a lunchbox made of stainless steel based on customer vision, description, and hand sketches.


The new lunch box design idea was inspired by the distinctive shape of the luxury travel trailers brand, Airstream. We tried to give the new lunchbox design idea a stylish industrial look while considering its main function of keeping food warm and preserved.

The Result

Through conceptualization and product design iteration the team designed a lunchbox by converting an idea and hand sketches into vivid visuals. We then created manufacturing ready 3D model and drawings. Our work allowed the product owner to order a prototype and to be more prepared for marketing and communication with potential investors.

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